1. What are the organizational levels under Sales Area?
    • Sales organization
    • Distribution channel
    • division
  2. What is the sales organization?
    • organizational level in Logistics which groups according to the requirements of sales and distribution
    • it is responsible for:
    • distributing goods and services
    • negotiating sales conditions
    • product liability and rights of recourse
    • it is uniquely assigned to a company code. More than one sales organization can be assigned to a company code
  3. What is a distribution channel?
    • a means through which salable materials or services reach the customer
    • several distributino channels can be assigned to a sales organization
  4. What is division?
    • used to group materials and services. represent a product group
    • can have several division assigned to it
  5. Explain sales area
    • a combination of the sales org., distribution channel and division
    • can only belong to one CC
  6. Explain shipping point
    • highest-level org unit of shipping that controls yoru shipping activites.
    • each outbound delivery is processed by one shipping point
    • assign shipping point at plant level
    • more than one shipping point can be assigned to a plant
  7. What does the master data contain for sales order management?
    • customer
    • material
    • condition
    • output: info sent to teh customer using various media
    • control tables
  8. what are the MANDATORY partner functions for the customer master data?
    • sold-party
    • ship-to-party
    • payer
    • bill-to-party
    • (pg392)
  9. What is the order to cash business process?
    • Pre-sales activities
    • sales order processing
    • inventory sourcing
    • shipping
    • billing
    • payment
  10. What does the pre-sales acitivity include?
    • create and track customer contacts
    • mailing campaigns
    • answer cust. questions
    • inquiries
    • quotations
  11. What is backward scheduling?
    it is used to calculate the pick/pack time and the transportation lead time
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