middle and south america vocab words

  1. Altiplano
    High plane
  2. Archipelago
    Long chain of island
  3. Campesinos
    A pesent farmer
  4. Cuidades perdidas
    the lost cities - slums by major cities
  5. Cordilleras
    exstensive chain of mountains or moutain ranges
  6. Dirty wars
    1970's where people were kidnaped by military and never seen again (in argentina) 
  7. Ecotourism
    tourism that encourage environmental awareness
  8. Estuary
    large mouth of a river created by a flooded river valley
  9. Favelas
    slums in brazil
  10. Gasohol
    specific blend of gas and ethyl alcohol
  11. Guerilla
  12. Isthmus
    thin strip of landconecting two big strips of land
  13. Leeward
    winds from SW and W
  14. Llanos
    a treeless grassy plan 
  15. Mestizos
    population mixed European and indian
  16. Mulatos
    Mixed african and other descent
  17. Pampas
    Large, treeless plains in South America
  18. Peninsula
    piece of land almost entirlyy sourounded by land
  19. piedmont
    foot hill region
  20. plateau
    elevated flat land
  21. Selva
    large piece of land covered by dense equatorial forest
  22. Tierra Caliente
    low, hot climate
  23. tierra frio
    high, cold climate
  24. verticle climate
    trade of tierra caliente crops and tierra frio crops
  25. windward
    winds facing NE and E
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