English: Thomas Paine/Abigail Adams/Patrick Henry/Ben Franklin

  1. What were Patrick Henry's most famous words?
    "Give me liberty or give me death"/
  2. What did Ben Franklin write?
  3. What is an aphorism?
    A concise statement expressing a universly accepted truth
  4. What was Ben Franklin's goal to teach people?
    That no one can be perfect.
  5. What didn't Ben Franklin like?
  6. What can you find in an Almanac?
    • Tides (phases of the moon)
    • Farming
    • Weather
  7. What were Ben Franklin's 3 main topics?
    • Education
    • Friendship
    • Work
  8. What did Thomas Paine want?
    Freedom for everybody
  9. Who wrote a speech for the virginia Provincial convention?
    Patrick Henry
  10. What did Patrick Henry want?
    War with Britain
  11. Why could Patrick Henry use the literary device, Allusions?
    His audience was well educated and understood them.
  12. What is Abigails Story about?
    Moving to the White House
  13. What are some things that Abigail Adams complains about?
    • The rooms aren't finished
    • There are not enough servants
    • There is no wood.
  14. What was the mood of the story by Abigail Adams, in the beginning?
    Dreary, negative tone
  15. What was the mood of the story by Abigail Adams, in the end?
    A little bit happier, she now has some faith that the house will get better.
  16. Why does Abigail Adams tell her daughter not to tell anyone what she has complained about?
    Because Abigail knows that there are some people out there who have it much worse than she does. (She is rich, and there are actual poor people out there)
  17. What was Thomas Paine's Purpose in the Crisis?
    To inspire the audience, to fire them up.
  18. Who wrote The Crisis?
    Thomas Paine
  19. Who was Thomas Paine's audience? (3)
    Troops, continental army, young uneducated farmers
  20. What was the setting of the Crisis by Thomas Paine?
    • Battle field
    • Trenton
    • Before big battle
  21. What were Thomas Paine's main ideas in the Crisis?
    • Have faith in your country-show faith by your works
    • They don't want to be Britains slaves
    • Fight now-so that future generations won't have to.
    • God is on our side-God wouldn't support an offensive war
  22. What were Thomas Paine's Persuasive devices?
    • Rhetorical Question- Am i to suffer it?
    • Aphorism- What we achieve to get easily won't be valued
    • Metaphor- The flamed liberty might seice to shin, but the flame is there.
    • Emotional topics
  23. Why did Thomas Paine use emotional topics towards his audience?
    To fire them up
  24. What was the Purpose of Patrick Henry's speech?
    To declare war
  25. Who was Patrick Henry's audience?
    • Virginia Delegates
    • Wealthy educated landowners
  26. What were Patrick Henry's 4 Main ideas?
    • They need to fight- they will always be slaves if they don't
    • We have done everything-They've been protesting and begging
    • We're as strong as we'll ever be-They won't be stronger next week or next year
    • God is on their side-He won't let them lose
  27. What are Patrick Henry's 3 Persuasive Devices?
    • Begins his speech with a respectful rebutle
    • Rhetorical Question
    • Allusion-sirens
  28. What does Patrick Henry believe will happen and why?
    A war because it's happening already in Boston (Boston tea party)
  29. What 2 things did Patrick Henry use in his writings?
    Reason and Logic
  30. Give an example of Patrick Henry's Reason and Logic?
    • Reason: We can fight now.
    • Logic: When are we going to be stronger?
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