mkt 101 16-18

  1. which of the following is a characteristic of retailing
    many unplanned purchases by final consumers
  2. unlike independents, retail chains
    tend to rely on eleborate control systems
  3. conventional supermarkets
    have minimum annual sales of $2 million
  4. which of the following is not a reason why many conventional supermarkets are switching to food-based superstores
    improved transportation networks
  5. wal-mart operates
    combination stores
  6. which of the following is not true about full-line discount stores
    they rely more heavily on credit sales than do traditional department stores
  7. which of these is not a form of nonstore retailing
    membership warehouse club
  8. where there are no adjacent stores with which a firm competes, the location is most appropriately described as an 
    isolated store
  9. a shopping area bounded by the intersection of two major streets is a
    secondary business district
  10. a regional shopping center sells mostly
    shopping goods
  11. atmosphere is most closely related to a store's
    interior displays
  12. which of the following is a reason for the popularity of scrambled merchandising
    one-stop shopping
  13. differences between department store and discount store strategies are explained by the 
    wheel of retailing concept
  14. computer-based checkouts
    improve ordering decisions
  15. baskin robbins outlets in US Navy exchange facilities and Godiva stores at retailers response to
    the increased consumer sophistication about purchases
  16. people express opinions and product related experiences to one another through
    word-of-mouth communication
  17. an integrated marketing communications plan is based upon which fundamental premise
    a well-coordinated promotion plan
  18. consumers union and a local newspaper restaurant critic are examples of 
    independent institutions
  19. a firm wanting to stress its product prestige would emphasize 
  20. which promotional concept most closely resembles depreciation
    wearout rate
  21. which of the following statements about subliminal advertising is true
    it is not effective in getting consumers to buy products they do not want
  22. which of these statements on consumer attitudes about promotion is correct
    the majority believe marketers target children too much
  23. which of the following is not an objective found in the hierarchy-of-effects model?
    personalizing consumers
  24. which of these is the weakest method for setting a total promotion budget
    all-you-can-afford technique
  25. which of the following is a benefit of the competitive parity method
    it is keyed to a reference point
  26. which of these is the best method for setting a total promotion budget
    objective-and-task technique
  27. which statement about the types of promtion is not true
    personal selling can best be used to reach large audiences with a uniform message
  28. a firm must be able to prove its promotional claims under which promotional enforcement rule
  29. an example of corrective advertising is 
    listerines discalimer that it is not a cold remedy
  30. which of the following is not a common criticism of promotion
    it causes excessively low expectations
  31. which of the following is common to both advertising and publicity
    mass audience
  32. the meading medium for us advertising
  33. which of the following is a positive characteristic attributed to advertising
    a broad range of media to choose among
  34. which of the following is not a negative characteristic of advertising
    messages in print media can be reread and restudied
  35. the first step in developing an advertising plan is 
    setting objectives
  36. for print media, reach has two components: circulation and
    passalong rate
  37. frequency is lowest for 
    printed phone directories
  38. the highest level of clutter exists with
  39. which of the following statements concerning distributed ads is incorrect
    they are used by very few manufacturers
  40. public relations does not encompass
    sales-oriented advertising
  41. with publicity, 
    credibility is generally high
  42. the first step in developing a public relations plan is 
    setting objectives
  43. assigning public relations responsibility to internal personnel or an in-house department
    ensures more control and secrecy
  44. business features articules are
    detailed stories about a firm's products
  45. lighter stories focusing on personal care, household items, and similar topics are 
    service feature articles
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