Unit 4

  1. Author of Beowulf
  2. Author of Ecclesiastical History of the English People
    Venerable Bede
  3. Author of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
    The Pearl Poet
  4. Author of piers plowman
    William Langland
  5. Author of Everyman
    William Langland
  6. Author of The Canterbury Tales
    Geoffrey Chaucer
  7. Author of Morte Darthur
    Thomas Malory
  8. Author of Utopia
    Sir Thomas More
  9. Author of Book of Martyrs
    John Foxe
  10. Author of The Faerie Queen
    Edmund Spencer
  11. Author of Doctor Faustus
    Christopher Marlowe
  12. Author The Nymph’s Reply to the Shepherd
    Sir Walter Raleigh
  13. Author of Author of The Burning Babe
    Robert Southwell
  14. Author of Macbeth
    William Shakespeare
  15. Author of Essays
    Francis Bacon
  16. Author of The Argument of His Book
    Robert Herrick
  17. Author of Go, Lovely Rose!
    Edmund Waller
  18. Author of Psalm 1, Done into Verse 1652
    John Milton
  19. Author of Paradise Lost
    Andrew Marvell
  20. Author of The Pilgrims Progress
    John Bunyan
  21. Believed that chriistians should live a pure and Holy Life
  22. what type of church dd they think had not gone far enough in their refomation and that it should be futher purified of roman catholic influence
    anglican church
  23. who wanted to be entirely separate from the aglican church
    puritans aand speprtists
  24. the sepretist who left in1620 became known as
  25. who were those that were loyal to the king
  26. what were the puritans called that were led by oliver ccromwell
  27. what became thwe new system when oliver cromwell defeted the king
    common wealththe
  28. first English scintific academy
    The Royal Society
  29. the greatest scientist of alll time and the discoverer of the law of gravity
    sir isaac Newton
  30. Who derived the scientific method
    Francis Bacon
  31. Who wrote the first English Science Book
    William Gilbert
  32. who discoverd the circulation in the blood
    William Harvey
  33. Father of modern Chemistry
    Robert Boyle
  34. the astronomer who predicted Halleys Commet
    Edmund Halley
  35. the first man to see a living cell
    Robert Hooke
  36. the greatest poet of the time and the second greatest writter in England Literature
    John Milton
  37. who and what was Englands greatest epic
    john milton, Paradice llost
  38. the greatest prose writter of the age
    john bunyan
  39. who and what was england greatest allegory
    pilgrams progress , and john bunyan
  40. lyricists of a lihghter vein who emphasized the pleasure of this world and wrote love song to and about women
    cavalier poets
  41. were interested in the things pf the mind soul and eternity
    metaphysical poets
  42. the peroid delt with a varity of subject
  43. what decline after shakespeare and johnson
  44. in which a completet thought is exspressed in two ryming lines
    rhymed couplet
  45. this form was used extensively in the poetry of the restoration and early eightennth century
    rhymed couplet
  46. were sevententh century peots who expressed devotional themes and emphasized the complexities and contradictions of life in there peotry
    metaphysical peots
  47. in exspressing thems of love, death and religious devotion
  48. the bestknow metaphysical peots
    john donne, Goerge herbert, enery vaughan, thomas traherne
  49. points out unusual parallel between highly dissimilar elements
    Petrarchan Conceit
  50. one of the most important al peots
    Goerge herbert
  51. was known for his saontly life and intense devotion to God
    George Herbert
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