Bible Study - Book of Numbers

  1. What is the book of numbers about?
    • Israel Prepares to Enter the Land.
    • Numbers tells how Israel moved from Mount Sinai to the Jordan Valley, the eastern border of the Promised Land.
  2. What is the the first 10 chapters about?
    All the material in the first 10 chapters relates Israel’s preparations for war.
  3. Who is Isreal getting ready to go to war with?
    The people in the land of Cannaan and anyone else in their way of the journey to the promise land.
  4. What does Pentateuch mean in Greek?
  5. What are the five books of the Pentateuch?
    • 1. Genesis
    • 2. Exodus
    • 3. Leviticus
    • 4. Numbers
    • 5. Deuteronomy
  6. What is the Hebrew term for the Pentateuch and what does it mean?
    1. The Hebrew term for it is torah meaning law or instruction
  7. What does Nazarite mean?
    Nazarite means set apart. It comes from the Hebrew word nezer meaning seperation.
  8. Who were the Nazarites?
    Nazirites were the most dedicated laypeople in the OT. Samson, Samuel, and John the Baptist were lifelong Nazirites, but usually a person took a vow to become a Nazirite for only a specific period of time.
  9. Who were the Levites?
    A member of the Hebrew tribe of Levi.
  10. What were the Levites in charge of?
    Transporting and guarding the tabernacle.
  11. What does atonement mean
    • The Hebrew word, wherever 'atonement' occurs in the AV, is "kaphar"
    • (root meaning: 'to cover') or "kippoorim" (plural 'coverings'). [See Aside.] This has the same root; as "kapporeth", the 'lid' or 'cover' of the ark always in the AV translated "mercy seat".
  12. What did Moses use the two silver trumpets for?
    Summoning the congregation and breaking camp.
  13. Why did God send a plague on the Isralites?
    Because they complained about only having manna to eat then God gave them an overload of quail and they were greedy. That angered God so he brought a plague amongst them.
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