1. name each of sun yatsen's three principles
    nationalism, democracy, livelihood
  2. who became leader of the kuomintang after sun yat-sen
    chaing kai-shek
  3. where did the nationalists establish their government after the communist takeover in 1949
  4. what nation did japan defeat in a war in 1895
  5. what section of china did japan attack in 1931
  6. on what two japanese cities did the united states drop atomic bombs
    hiroshima and nagasaki
  7. in what ocean is japan located
  8. what are the four main islands of japan
    hokkaido, honshu, shikoku, and kyushu
  9. what is japan's tallest mountain
    mt fuji
  10. what country greatly influenced japan's arts and religion
  11. what was the name of mao zedong's plan to reorganize chinese agriculture and industry
    great leap forward
  12. what chinese leader after mao introduced some capitalist practices to communist china
    deng xiaoping
  13. what two countries, both the sites of major wars, were split into northern and southern parts after WW II
    korea and vietnam
  14. name at least three products that japan began to produce in the years after world war II
    camaras,oil tanker ships, cars, transistor radios, digital watches, tvs, computers, video games
  15. waht other countries in asia followed japans pattern of economic development
    taiwan,south korea, singapore
  16. what is the only nation in asia that claims a majority of its citizens are christains
  17. according to legend, who was the first person to preach the gospel to india
    the apostle thomas
  18. what is the largest christain group in asia
    roman catholic
  19. by what name is ni to-sheng better known in the west
    watchman nee
  20. nationalist party in china
  21. imaginary line between free and communist asia
    bamboo curtain
  22. told the japnese people that he was not a god
  23. preached the gospel throughout china and across southeast asia and the south pacific
    john sung
  24. developed donkey kong
    sigeru miyamoto
  25. encouraged american companies to invest in communist china
    deng xiaoping
  26. led the drive for indian independence
    mohandas gandhi
  27. established a government on taiwan
    chaing kai-shek
  28. attempted a great leap forward in chinese indusrty and agriculture
    mao zedong
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