1. "cha"
    height, length, size
  2. "th"
    clumsy, lousy, careless
  3. "oo"
    thin, beautiful, how old, long ago, what to do
  4. puffed
    very fat, long ago, many
  5. clenched teeth
    very many, huge, hot, very (color)
  6. tongue out and down
    not yet, ugh, accident, lousy, hungry, exaggerate, put off, big-head, erratic, don't like
  7. "sta-sta"
    struggle, long process
  8. pursed lips
    work hard, read carefully, sorry, hearing person, persevere, secret, suspect, supress
  9. pursed lips w/ twiggled nose
    characteristic, the way it is
  10. "mmm"
    puckered lips-up lips
    medium-size, comfortable, enjoy doing something, curious
  11. puckered up lips w/
    interesting, wow
  12. "for-for"
    what for, how come, why
  13. "pah"
    finally, big success
  14. "powoo"
    boom, stricken, forget
  15. "wah"
    want, don't want
  16. "soo"
    tired, cold, dirty, hard, good, riddance, close call, delicious, curious
  17. "sow"
    very tired, very cold, very hard, very embarrassed
  18. "fish"
    finish, stop it
  19. "fi^^sh"
    finish after a long or unpleasant process of doing something
  20. "puh"
    give in, tend
  21. "pow"
    explode, hit hard, trigger a gun, repress
  22. "shh"
    wild time, gobble, use exceedingly, poke fun
  23. wag tongue up and down repeatedly
    hello, look, later
  24. wag tongue right and left repeatedly
    feel good, want, must
  25. lips pulled down to one side
    recent, not long ago
  26. lips pulled down w/ twiggled nose
    soon, near
  27. lips pulled down
    (open mouth)
    can, possible
  28. lick
    swallow, tired of, run out
  29. "mum-mum"
    win in an unbroken series of games, nab many suspects
  30. "fk"
    skip class or work, ignore
  31. "ps-ps"
    fancy, chic
  32. "po"
    smart, competent, good at
  33. "po-po"
    speed boat in a race, cannon
  34. "pth"
    melt, smash
  35. "bro"
    break, broke, burned out bulb
  36. tongue out/down
    experience, expert
  37. "off"
    take off, take down, break off, break up, remove
  38. "m-m-m"
    interesting, oh I see
  39. "eek"
    yuck, hate, despise
  40. "tut"
    have been to
  41. "fus"
  42. pensive limited lip movement
  43. closed mouth/long chin
    can, don't mind, oh I see
  44. "Lm"
    great, proficient, skillful
  45. "ahh"
    travel extensively, desperately look for, expression of shock
  46. "ma-ma"
    obsessed w/ money
  47. "bow"
    light burn out, eye pop out
  48. "luch"
    large, jumbo
  49. "m^^s"
    must, mandatory
  50. "ps"
  51. muttered lips
    helicopter, toy car, lawn mower, too good, too much
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