English Vocab II

  1. Apathetic
  2. Placate
    to quiet or soothe anger
  3. Bias
    a preference or inclination
  4. Garnish
    a substance used as an embellishment or decoration on a prepared drink or food dish
  5. Endearing
    being held in affection; being valued high
  6. Discourteous
    not polite
  7. Writhe
    to wiggle and sway
  8. Tenuous
    sketch, not certain
  9. Ample
    plentiful or large
  10. Mantles
    something that covers, envelopes or conceals
  11. Ubiquitous
    seeming to be present everywhere
  12. Rueful
    causing sorrow or pity
  13. cryptic
    having a hidden meaning
  14. wrought
    created, shaped; formed; devised; or made happen
  15. astonished
    stunned; surprised
  16. impeccable
    without flaw
  17. Benign
    kind, gracious, unharmful
  18. Quandary
    predicament, state of indecision
  19. Vilified
    made evil or sinful
  20. Simulation
    imitation, false resemblance
  21. Biopsy
    the removal of a sample of tissue from the body for examination
  22. Radiology
    a specialty of medicine that deals with the study and aplication of imaging
  23. Pathology
    the study and diagnosis of disease through examination of tissues, organs, and bodily fluid
  24. Wan
    sickly; pallid; lacking color
  25. Catheter
    a tube that can be inserted into a body cavity, duct or vessel
  26. Privy
    latrine; outhouse
  27. Chronic
    of a long duration or frequent recurrence
  28. Oleo
  29. Pinkeye
    highly contagious eye infection
  30. Promenades
    public places for walking
  31. Coves
    small secluded inlets or bays
  32. Tentatively
    subject to change or withdrawl
  33. Pensively
  34. Premonitory
    giving previous warning
  35. Inane
  36. Virtually
    almost; not real
  37. Eccentric
    odd; deviant from the norm
  38. Arrogant
    having a feeling of superiority and showing it to others
  39. Transcribed
    to make a copy of thorough writing
  40. Valet
    personal attendant
  41. Covet
    to wish for, especially eager
  42. Innuendo
    an indirect intimation about a person or thing, especially that of a derogatory nature
  43. Chromosome
    any of several threadlike bodies that carry genes in a linear order
  44. Provocatively
    tending to provoke; inciting, stimulating
  45. Machismo
    a strong or exaggerated sense of manlines; an exaggerated sense of the right to dominate
  46. promenade
    a stroll or walk, especially in a public place as for pleasure or display
  47. Ditty
    a short, simple song
  48. Regale
    to entertain lavishly or agreeably
  49. Incessant
  50. Spinnner
    a fishing lure
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