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  1. List the four main functional subsystem in a GIS?
    • data input system
    • data storage and retrieval subsystem
    • data manipulation and analysis subsystem
    • data output and display subsystem
  2. If you were entering data for a GIS with road colocationsm road widths and road conditions what are :

    -qualitative, quantitative and spatial attribute
    • Qualitative attribute: Road conditions
    • Quantitative attribute: Road Widths
    • Spatial: Road Locations
  3. What are 6 features in a cross-section of a subduction zone at an ocean-continent collision?
    • The oceanic plate dives below the continental plate
    • An ocean trench occurs where the two plates meet
    • Fold mountains forms at the coast of the continental plate
    • Melting occurs near the upper surface of the subducting oceanic plate
    • Andesite volcanoes form on the continental plateImage Upload 1
  4. Sketch a seismograph indicating the arrival of a compressive first motion

    and sketch one indicating the arrival of a dilational first motion
    Image Upload 2
  5. Consider the pattern of first motions below showing the focus of an earthquake E-W pattern, draw the arrows and determine lateral slip?
    •    d---->c
    • W            E
    •     c<---d

    It is a right lateral slip
  6. Briefly explain the principla of original horizonality
    Sedimentary rocks form in horizontal or near horizontal layers
  7. Explain The principle of Stratigraphic superposition
    In any sequence of strata, not disturbed, no layer disturbed, the order in which they are deposited is from the bottom to the top.
  8. Explain the principle of cross-sutting relations
    If a sedimentary sequence is disturbed by a fault or another rock unit cutting across the original strata, the fault or cross cutting unit is younger than the strata that were disturbed.
  9. Explain angular unconformity:
    Represents a break in the deposition record. It indicates a period of regional uplift, followed by erosion and eventual subsidence below water level again. New sedimentary strata are deposited on the erosional surface. Strata are tilted during uplift and/or folding. the erosion surface is almost horizontal.
  10. Explain disconformity
    Like angular conformity, but the strata are not tilted. As the erosion surface is almost horizontal and parallel to the layers of sedimentary rock
  11. Explain inclusions:
    If pieces of sedimentary rock layer are in a layer of igneous rock, the layer of sedimentary rock is older then the igneous layer. And vice versa:  if hte igneous was in an adjacent layer of sedimentary rock, the igneous is older.
  12. Consider the geological cross-section shown below.
    From A to K

    Image Upload 3
  13. Compute the height of the small space pod observation dock on hte CN tower based on the following information:
    - 2 digital photographs were taken of hte CN tower and Skydome vicinity from a small fixed aircraft flying at an altitude of H=750m.
    -The plane was flying east at a speed of 300 km/hr
    -Photo1 was taken at 9:21:07 am and photo 2 at 9:21:12 am.
    -Camera has a focal length of 28 mm
    - Top of space pod was located on photograph ! at x=20.1 mm
    - Photo 2 x= -18.3mm
    Image Upload 4
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