Newton's Laws

  1. What is Newon 1st law of motion?
    • A body will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line until an external unbalanced force acts on that body to change its state of motion.
    • Example: Player running in football in a straight line bumped by opponent, changes direction.
  2. What is Newton's 2nd law of motion?
    • The amount of acceleration produced when an unbalanced force acts on a body is proportional to the size of that force.
    • Example: Player in f/ball being bumped, the acceleration(energy) is transferred so that the bumped player accelerates as the same
    • speed as the player who bumped them.
  3. What is Newon's 3rd law of motion?
    • For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction
    • Exmaple: Vertical jump. by pressing into the ground the opposite reaction is an upward m/ment.
  4. What is Newton's 1st law of angular motion?
    • A rotating body will continue to turn about its axis of rotation with constant angular momentum unless an external couple or eccentric force is exerted on it.
    • Example: Spinning a ball on fingers and adding eccentric force to speed up (torque)
  5. What is Newton's 2nd law of angular motion?
    • The angular acceleration of a body is proportional to the torque causing it and takes place in the direction in which the torque acts.
    • Example: Spinning ball on finger; the faster you spin it, the faster the ball will go in that direction.
  6. What is Newton's 3rd law of angular motion?
    • For every torque that is exterted by one body on another, there is an equal and opposite torque exterted by the second body on the first.
    • Example:
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