Huck Vocab

  1. pariah
    one who is despised or made an outcast; a low caste of sourthern India
  2. acculturate
    to assimilate to a different culture, usually a dominant one
  3. irreverence
    a lack of respect for people or institutions that are normally taken seriously
  4. droll
    curious or unusual in a way that provokes dry amusement
  5. dissipation
    wasteful spending, squandering
  6. haughty
    arrogant, excessively proud vaid
  7. subversive
    that which undermines the power and authority of an established institution or system
  8. inversion
    the reversal of the normal order
  9. abolish
    to do away with
  10. contrite
    extremely apologetic, remorseful, repentant
  11. gentility
    polite, proper class associated with "good breeding"; (gentry: class just below nobility)
  12. effete
    weak or effeminate
  13. sylvan
    consisting of or associated with woods; wooded; pleaantly rural or pastoral
  14. hues
  15. oscillation
    movement back and forth in a regular rhythm
  16. air
    to make a public utterance
  17. infernal
    relating to hell
  18. rapscallion
  19. chicanery
    the use of deception or manipulation to achieve one's purpose
  20. venality
  21. brazen
    shameless, insolent, disrespectful
  22. credulous
    extremely gullible
  23. afoot
    developing or in the process of happening
  24. temperance
    moderation of self-restrain in action or statement
  25. complicit
    associated with or participating in a questionable act or a crime
  26. raconteur
    a skillful and amusing storyteller
  27. histrionics
    overly theatrical (behavior)
  28. resolute
    characterized by a decided purpose
  29. blithe
    lighthearted, joyous, glad, cheerful, free of spirit
  30. muse
    to ponder
  31. ponderous
    very heavy, unwieldy from weight
  32. initiation
    the action of admitting someone into a society or group
  33. innocent
    a pure, guileless, or naive person
  34. tenderfoot
    a newcomer or novice, especially a person unaccustomed to hardship
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