Ch. 5 Gov.

  1. The speaker of the House
    is the most powerful officer in Congress
  2. to ensure that the majority of all senators are esperienced,
    only one third of the senators are up for reelection every two years.
  3. The senior senator from each state is the
    senator who has served the longer period of time
  4. the writers of the Constitution established a bicarmel legislature in order to
    provide equal representation in one house for all of the states.
  5. The function of each party's committee on committees is to
    make nominations for membership on standing committees.
  6. The Senate and the House of Representatives have passed different versions of an air pollution bill. The kind of committee that would most likely be formed to work out a compromise would be a
    conference committee
  7. A 32-year-old member of Congress has recently been reelected for her second term of office. It may be assumed that this person is a 
  8. Congress is in session, and the pre sident is given a bill to sign. He lets the bill sit on his desk for 10 days. It can be concluded that
    the bill has become a law
  9. Committees appointed on a temporart basis to consider issues not handled by the standin committees are called
    select committees
  10. After a bill is introduced, it is usually
    sent to a standing committee
  11. the Senate, unlike the House of Representatives, does not have the power to
    introduce appropriation bills
  12. if the president pro tempore is presiding in the Senate, it may be assumed that the 
    vice-president is absent.
  13. A member of the Senate must
    have been a citizen of the US for at least nine years
  14. Congress in not allowed to
    favor the trade of one state over another state
  15. For a bill to become a law, the
    House and Senate both must pass it
  16. Congress determines how the seats in the House are to be apportioned
    every 10 years, after the census is taken.
  17. If a states population decreases, its numver of senators
    stays the same
  18. Regular elections for members of the House of Representatives are held
    in November of each even-numbered year.
  19. Memers of the House of Representatives must be all of the following EXCEPT:
    practicing lawyers
  20. Which of the following does not apply to the Senate?
    435 members
  21. Both houses of Congress have specific guidlines regarding
    all of the above
  22. Censured memers of Congress
    must stand alone at the front of the House or Senate as charges are read against them.
  23. The president pro tempore
    is by custom the longest-serving member of the majority party
  24. Each standing committee is divided into
  25. Before a bill is approved
    all of the above
  26. Conference committees are formed
    to work out compromises when the House and the Senate pass different versions of the same bill
  27. Which of the followig is an implied pwer of Congress?
    providing for the general welfare of the US
  28. All of the following are delegated powers of Congress EXCEPT:
    none of the above
  29. The impeachment process can be used to impeach
    the president, the vice-persident, and federal judges
  30. Which of the following in NOT a special pwer of the Senate?
    All bills for raising money must begin in the Senate
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