Ch. 4 Gov.

  1. the first amdment guaranteesen
    freedom of speech.
  2. Which of the followingis not a right guaranteed by the Bill of Rights?
    freedom from military service.
  3. the Fifth Amedment guarantees the right to
    a fair trial.
  4. one duty of good citizenship is
    paying taxes
  5. the Fourteenth Amendment granted full citizenship to
    African Americans.
  6. Wat is the difference between the duties of citizenship and the responsibilities of citizenship?
    Duties are required by law; responsibilites are not.
  7. The Seventeenth Amendment gave eligivle voter the right to elect
    US senators.
  8. The responsibilities of good citizenship include
  9. a country that wanted to protect the civil rights of all of its citizens would not have
    a poll tax
  10. the trial of Joh Peter Zenger strengthened
    freedom of the press
  11. Freedom of speech allows all of the following EXCEPT
    telling lies that may harm another person
  12. Extending voting rights to include more groups of citizens has made the United States
    more democratic.
  13. President Abraham Lincoln declared the end of slavery with theĀ 
    Emancipation Proclamation.
  14. The Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution becasue
    many Americans would not approve the Constituion without it.
  15. the reserved powers of the states were established by theĀ 
    tenth amendment
  16. what did many americans want added to the newly drafted constitution in 1787?
    a list of their rights.
  17. Separation of church and state means
    there should be a strict division between religion and government.
  18. the clear-and-present-danger rule dictates
    that the government can prevent an act of free speech if it is linked to an unlawful act.
  19. which of the following are protected the by first amendment?
    all of the above
  20. which of the following is not protected under the first amendment?
    none of the above
  21. no person can be denied life, liberty, or property without
    due process of law.
  22. when taking private property for public use, the government
    must pay a fair price to the owner
  23. if accused people cannot aford to hire a lawyer
    one will be provided by the courts
  24. the US constituion contains
    27 amendments
  25. the fourteenth amendment
    protects citizens against unfair actions by state governments.
  26. the twenty-third amendment gave the right to vote to
    residents of the district of columbia
  27. which of the following women was part of the american suffrage movement?
    all of the above
  28. ignorance of the law
    excuses no one
  29. to ensure freedom and t efuture of the country, citizens
    must be educated.
  30. serving on a jury is
    an important duty of citizenship.
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