euthanasia mid term prep

  1. exaplain the steps to be taken pre event
    • make owner aware of alternatives of tx
    • support given
    • owner educated in greif response
    • release form signed
    • how body will be desposed of 
    • financial matters settled
    • owner is given opportunity to visit pet
    • euthenasia procedure explained to owner
    • owner is encouraged to bring friend o family to appointment
    • schedule procedure at quiet time
  2. explain the steps taken during the event
    • owner is given choice if they want to be with pet or not
    • explain normal reactions to be expected during procedure
    • owner may be allowed to visit alone with body of pet after death visit should be breif
    • greif councelling should be offered
  3. explain steps taken post event
    • notification of owner to pick up remains
    • sympathy card sent next day
    • pets name removed from all computerized systems
  4. explain the method of euthenasia-steps taken
    • animal is placed on towel on examination table or floor
    • an i.v catheter is inserted usually in cephalic vein
    • euthanyl is injected into the i.v catheter
    • death occurs almost instantaeously
    • vet will check heart rate
    • body is placed in bag in fetal position with eyes closed. 
    • bag must be labeled properly with owners name and other information
    • body is placed in bag to wait for pickup or cremation
  5. what are the five stages of greif?
    • denial
    • anger
    • barganing
    • guilt
    • acceptance
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