genitourinary system

  1. what is included in the genito system?
    reproductive and urinary systems of both sexes
  2. which organs are included in the genito system?
    • urinary tract
    • kidneys
    • ureters
    • bladder
    • urethra
    • male repro organs
    • female repro organs
  3. main functions of urinary tract/system
    formation transportation storage and elimination of urine
  4. main functions of kidneys
    • filter the blood and remove waste products of metabolism in the form of urine
    • kidneys are outside the peritoneal cavity
    • the speed of kidney filtration is directly affected by blood pressure
  5. function of ureters
    two tubes whose function is to transport urine from the kidneys to the bladder
  6. main functions of bladder
    • serves as reservoir for the storage of urine
    • when bladder is full sense receptors trigger the urge to eliminate urine
    • process of eliminating urine is called micturition, voiding or urinating
  7. main functions of urethra
    opening in which urine is excreted from the body
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