gastro intestinal system

  1. main 2 functions of gastro intestinal system
    • nutrient intake
    • solid waste elimination
  2. what are the 6 main organs of the gi system
    • mouth (oral cavity)
    • esophagus
    • stomach
    • small intestine
    • large intestine
    • rectum
  3. mouth (oral cavity) main functions
    contains tongue and teeth
  4. prehension?
    process of getting food into mouth
  5. masticaton
  6. process of grindnig up food or chewing
  7. degluttion
    process of swallowing food
  8. main functions of saliva
    • produced by mouth by salivy glandsĀ 
    • contains enzymes which lubricate and break down food
  9. salivation
    reflex action in respinse to presence of food
  10. where are the salivary glands located?
    • parotid
    • mandibular
    • sublingual
    • zygomatic
  11. main facts and functions of esophagus
    • long tubular muscle
    • only function is to transport food from mouth to stomach
    • transports by peristalsis (wave like motion by involuntary muscles)
  12. main functions of stomach
    • stores food for short time
    • digestive enzymes and hydrochloris acid continue to breakdown food
  13. main functions of small intestine
    • digestion and absorbtion of water electrolytes nutrients
    • sponge like surface full of folds and turns to increase absorptive area
    • consists three parts of duodenum jejunum ileum
  14. what are the three parts of the small intestine?
    • duodenum
    • jejunum
    • ileum
  15. what are the 2 other organs involved
    • liver
    • pancreas
  16. main functions of the liver
    • largest organ in body
    • storage area for blood
    • regulates total circualting blood volume
    • stroage area for iron
    • produces bile which is stored in the gallbladder
  17. main functions of pancreas
    • internal secretion, produces insulin and glucagon
    • external secretion,pancreatic enzymes released into small intestineĀ 
    • helps to break down food
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