Anatomy Midterm Review (5)

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  1. Why is homeostasis important?
    Has the ability to maintain a relatively stable internal conditions, even though the outside worl changes continuosly
  2. Examples of homeostasis
    • Blood clotting (positive feedback)
    • Body temperature
  3. Enhances the stimulus
    Positive feedback
  4. Shutting down stimulus
    Negative feedback
  5. DividesĀ  body into anterior and posterior parts
    Frontal (cornal) plane
  6. Sagittal plane exactly in the middle (vertical)
    Median plane (midsagittal)
  7. Dividing the body into superior and inferior parts
    Transversal (horizontal) plane
  8. Right and left sides
    Sagittal Plane
  9. Offset from the midline
  10. Cells obtain nutrients and utilize them to make new living things and maintain functions
  11. Which tepithelial tissue allows gases to be excahnged between the blood and air in the lungs?
    Simple Squamos Epithelium
  12. The skeletal system is still growing as long as there is cartilage left in the
    Epiphyseal plate
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