Psychology Midterm Review ( Chp. 4)

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  1. The sense associated with the perception of smell is

    a) Kinesthesia
    b) Gustation
    c) Olfaction
    d) Audition
  2. The fact that the corner of a building thrust toward the viewer looks shorter than an inside corner thrust away from the river viewer can be accounted for by the

    a) Muller Lyer illusion
    b) Horizontal vertical illusion
    c) Ponzo illusion
    d) Illusion of relative size
  3. The sense associated with the perception of taste is referred to as the

    a) Vestibular system
    b) Gustatory system
    c) Vagus system
    d) Olfactory
  4. According to psychologist, the smallest difference in stimulus intensity that a specific sense can detect is

    a) The just noticeable memory
    b) It's sensory memory
    c) Subject to sensory adaptation
    d) The absolute threshold
  5. The Anes room, in which people are seen to get small or enlarge as they move about, demonstrate that our perception of the world depends strongly on

    a) The actual, distal stimuli
    b) The assumptions we make about it
    c) Bottom up processing
    d) The proximal stimulus elements
  6. The rods and cones are to vision as the taste buds are to

    a) Gustation
    b) Flavation
    c) Kinesthesia
    d) Olfaction
  7. Sally woke up in the middle of the night and turned on the light in her bedroom, as a result she had to squint to ward off the bright light. Sall is experiencing

    a) Dark adaptation
    b) Ligth adaptation
    c) Sensory adaptation
    d) Lateral antagonism
  8. If one is subjected to prolonged stimulation, eventually

    a) Sensory overload will occur
    b) Sensory adaptation will occur
    c) Perceptual agnosia will occur
    d) Perceptual inversion will occur
  9. Subliminal means

    a) Below threshold
    b) Barely perceptible
    c) Deceptive
    d) Superimposed
  10. Vanessa describes a new melody that she heard at a concert by telling you each of the individual notes, in the order that they were played. In providing this type of description, it appears that Vanessa processed the melody using

    a) Opponent processes
    b) Top down processing
    c) Bottom up processing
    d) Figure ground processing
  11. The primary visual cortex is located in the

    a) Parietal lobes
    b) Occipital lobes
    c) Frontal lobes
    d) Temporal lobes
  12. Technically, your absolute threshold is the point which you can detect

    a) Any stimulus set point
    b) A stimulus 50 percent of the time
    c) Any stimulus that registers on sensory memory
    d) A stimulus 75 percent of the time
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