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  1. what does in the increase in progesterone levels do in the femal reproductive system?
    • functional layer has secretory mucosa
    • endometrial glands: secrete nutrients
    • formation of cervical mucus plug
  2. what are the primary organ and sex cells of the male reproductive system?
    testes, which produce sperm called spermatozoa and secrete androgens
  3. what are the accessory reproductive organs?
    • sperm delivered to exterior through ducts
    • glands secrete fluids that comprise semen volume
    • external genitalia (penis) functions in delivering sperm¬†
  4. what is the scrotum?
    a sac of skin and superficial fasica that contains paired testes
  5. how are the temperature of the testes kept constant
    • dartos muscle: smooth muscle; wrinkles scrotal skin; pulls scrotum close to body¬†
    • cremaster muscle: bands of skeletal muscle that elevate testes
  6. what is the spermatic cord?
    encloses nerve fibers, blood vessels, lymphatics that supply the testes
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