Civics Exam

  1. This is NOT afeature of all the states in today's world.
  2. Any system of government inwhich rule is by the people is called
    a democracy.
  3. This system divides the power between the state and national governments.
  4. The four essential featuresof a state, or nation, include government, population, territory, and
  5. This man wrote the TwoTreatises of Government which influenced the writers of our consitution
    John Locke
  6. America's first formalconstitution was the
    Fundamental Orders ofConnecticut
  7. Which plan or compromisewas based on the Articles of Confederation?
    New Jersey Plan
  8. Which symbol representsKing George III in this cartoon?
  9. Which symbol is used torepresent the colonists in this cartoon?
    bucking horse
  10. The Constitution is basedon the concept of
    popular sovereignty.
  11. This is NOT anexample of a congressional enumerated power.
    popular sovereignty
  12. This elevated the SupremeCourt to a higher status, balancing the powers of the other branches
    judicial review
  13. False speech intended to hurt another is
  14. To protect liberty andspecify its powers, the Framers gave Congress
    expressed powers
  15. The Founders created aConstitution that could be adapted for the future through
    Constitutional amendment.
  16. The U.S. Constitution is divided into three parts. Choose the answer that best completes the chart, identifying the three parts.
  17. What principle of the constitution is featured in the cartoon?
    checks and balances.
  18. The specific powers ofCongress are outlined in this graphic. Choose the answer that best completesthe chart
    enumerated powers
  19. Choose the answer that bestdefines the type of agreement illustrated in the graphic organizer.
    executive agreement
  20. The national government's control of immigration is anexample of
    inherent powers.
  21. The Constitution grantsthese powers to the national government
    delegated powers
  22. The Constitution gives thegovernment three types of power. What is the name for these powers?
  23. Identify which of itspowers the national government uses to carry out the actions listed in thegraphic organizer:
  24. Under the Constitution, thenational government is obligated to provide states with three things. Choosethe answer that best completes the chart.
  25. Choose the answer that bestcompletes the chart, providing an example of an implied power.
    conduct draft
  26. Article IV of the U.S. Constitution requires the states to grant privileges and immunity to nonresidents. Choose the answer that best completes the chart.
    buy, sell, and holdproperty
  27. What concept was Hamiltondefining?
  28. This is NOT aqualification for election to the Senate
    married for 5 years
  29. This is NOT a qualification for election to theHouse of Representatives
    a degree in law
  30. The presiding officer ofthe House of Representatives is the
    majority leader
  31. If you think Congress had the power to charter the SecondBank of the United States, you believe in
    loose construction
  32. What implies that Congresshas powers beyond those expressed in the first 17 clauses of Article I, Section8?
    necessary and proper clause
  33. Matters requiring the action of both the House and Senate, but on which a law is not needed are called
    concurrent resolutions.
  34. Choose the answer that bestcompletes the chart, identifying the type of bill being identified
    public bill
  35. Choose the answer that bestcompletes the chart, identifying the bill or resolution
    private bill
  36. Following the vicepresident, the next in succession for the presidency is the
    Speaker of the House
  37. Choose the answer that bestcompletes the chart, identifying the qualifications for president.
    at least 35 years old
  38. Choose the answer that bestcompletes the chart, identifying the typical characteristics of the president.
  39. The right of the presidentto refuse to testify before Congress or a court is called
    executive privilege
  40. The president’s powers arelimited by many factors. Complete the chart, identifying the four main factors impacting the president’spower
  41. Complete the chart,identifying the tools the president uses to influence the implementation oflegislation
    removal of appointed officials
  42. How many years passedbetween the creation of the Veterans Affairs Department and the Department of Homeland Security?
  43. Which cabinet departmentwas originally a bureau within the Department of Commerce?
    Labor Department
  44. Congress established the Department of Justice in 1870. Complete the chart, identifying three of the department’s agencies.
    United States Secret Service
  45. These courts derive theirpower from the Constitution and federal laws.
    federal courts
  46. A state may not take a person's life, liberty, orproperty without
    due process.
  47. Which Supreme Court decision made this claim in response to a state requiring separate train cars for white and African American passengers?
    Plessy v.Ferguson
  48. This case overturned the percedent set in 1896 by statingthat separte-but-equal was unconsititutional.
    Brown v. Board of Educationof Topeka
  49. Most of the cases heard by the Supreme Court are casesinvolving
    civil liberties.
  50. Once the Court rules on a case, the ruling becomes this for future decisions
  51. Complete the chart,identifying the four kinds of opinions issued by the Supreme Court.
    concurring opinion
  52. The Supreme Court does nothave unlimited powers. Complete the graphic, identifying the limits on theCourt’s powers.
    lack of enforcement power
  53. Along with the enjoyment of fundamental rights comes aresponsibility to ensure
    their strength and endurance
  54. This prohibits governmentfrom unduly interfering with the freedom of religion.
    free exercise clause
  55. This extends the Bill of Rights protection to include all levels of government
  56. The Supreme Court’s ruling in West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette protected a student’s right to do all of the following EXCEPT:
    lead a Bible study during school hours
  57. The Constitution assigns the power to control immigration to
  58. Most recent immigration to the United States has been from
    Asia and Latin America.
  59. The separation of one groupof people from the larger group is called
  60. The Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States established what constitutes citizenship at national and state levels of government. The amendment reversed what courtdecision?
    Dred Scott v.Sandford
  61. Based on the three basic sources to become a U.S. citizen, in which of the following hypothetical situations would a child not automatically be granted citizenship?
    Foreign diplomats arestaying in a hotel in New York City. The woman lived in Baltimore, Marylandwhen she was between the ages of six and twelve with her parents, both citizensof Germany. At the time, her parents were studying economics. Since the age oftwelve, the woman has lived in Germany, but she gave birth to her child in theU.S.
  62. Understanding the Fourth Amendment and the four court cases concerning searches and seizures, in which of the following situations would a warrant be unnecessary?
    Stephanie Abbott is suspected of   growing marijuana in her home. One morning before leaving her home, she takes   the trash out to the corner for pick-up. The police want to search the trash   can.
  63. Which Constitutionalamendment guarantees a defendant the right to counsel to defend him or her?
    Sixth Amendment
  64. What U.S. Supreme Court decision upholding the Jim Crow laws was dissented by Justice John Marshall Harlan in 1896?
    Plessy v. Ferguson
  65. Based on your understanding of the court decision in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka evaluate the following situation. Next year, a private organization of educated African American men start a school for academically gifted students. In order to qualify for the program, a student must be a male, African American student and score above a 120 on a standard intelligence test. Funding for the program is provided through private donations and a foundation grant left by an affluent community member. A gifted, male Hispanic student wants to join this program, but his application is refused because he is Hispanic. Is this illegal?
    No, because the program is privately funded.
  66. This is not a current foreign policy concern.
    the Cold War
  67. Supervisor of the diplomatic activities of the UnitedStates is the
    secretary of state.
  68. All 18-year-old males inthis country must
    register for the draft
  69. Choose the answer that best completes the chart, identifying the five factors that influence U.S. foreign policy.
    creating democratic governments
  70. The constitutional guarantee of freedom of speech is important for a democratic society because it
    Enables people to challenge authority
  71. The phrase in the Preamble that states “insure domestic tranquility” most likely refers to
    The prevention of rebellion
  72. Whichaspect of the American government system was influenced by the Magna Carta?
    Limited authority
  73. Which idea expressed in the U.S. Constitution was influenced by the Declaration of Independence?
    Thepower of the government comes from the people
  74. Whichresponsibility is the primary function of the legislative branch of thefederal government?
    Making laws.
  75. Which responsibility is the primary function of the legislative branch of the federal government?
    Prevent each branch from abusing its power
  76. Whatis the main idea in the passage?
    Themedia should be free to criticize the actions of the government.
  77. Which statement explains why separation of powers is a significant principle of American constitutional government?
    Separationof powers prevents the abuse of authority by any branch of government.
  78. Which characteristic of the United States government assures that power is not concentrated in one branch of the federal government?
    providinga system of checks and balances among the branches
  79. Oneway to simultaneously act on personal beliefs and satisfy a civic responsibility is to
    .Exercise the right to vote
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