Podiatry Boards Part 2

  1. How are endogenous steriods released?
    • Hypothalamus-CRH
    • Anterior Pituitary- ACTH
    • Zona Fasciculata- Glucocorticoids
  2. When are our highest levels of glucocorticoids?
    Increase at night and morning
  3. If a pt is on >7.5 mg/day of prednisone for 1 month what must you do pre-op?
    Hydrocortizone 100mg IV and then some
  4. What are the systemic affects of steriods?
    • Increases gluconeogenesis
    • Increases lipolysis
    • Decreases protein synthesis and increases muscle breakdown
    • Increases Na and H20 retention causing hypokalemia
    • Decreases gut calcium absorption¬†
    • Inhibits osteoblast function
    • Decreases collagen formation
    • Impairs granulation tissue formation
  5. What is the MOA of systemic glucocorticoids?
    • Inhibit prostaglandin synthesis
    • inhibits COX 2
    • Inhibits cytokine and adhsion molecule and chemotactic factors
    • Decreases vascular permeability
    • increaes neutrophils but decreases accumulation at sites of inflammation
    • decreases macrophages, lymphocytes and eosinophils basophils
    • Inhibits LOX
    • Inhibits leukotrienes
    • decreases bronchiole inflammation
  6. What are some of the Adverse affects of steriods?
    • Osteoporosis
    • Increased appetitie
    • obesity
    • increase infectionrisk
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Podiatry Boards Part 2