1. A space ship with a dead engine in remote outer space continues moving 
    • a) because some kind of force acts on it
    • b) in a curved path
    • c) even though no net force acts on it
    • d) due to gravity 
  2. Which of the following best describes when Newton's 1st Law is true?
    • a) when there is no air resistance 
    • b) when there is no friction 
    • c)when there is no air resistance and there is no friction 
    • d) always 
  3. A 20kg bicycle is traveling on a straight flat road at a speed of 10m/s. What is the net force on the bicylce? 
    • a) 0 N
    • b) 10 N
    • c) 20 N
    • d) 30 N
    • e) 200 N
  4. Suppose you push with a 200 N of force agianst your 1500-N refrigerator and it slides across your kitchen floor in a straight line at a constant speed. The friction force of the the floor against the refrigeratr must be 
    • a) zero 
    • b) 200 N 
    • c) 1300 N
    • d) 1500 N
    • e) greater than 1500 N 
  5. ...and the force with which you push must be 
    • a) equal and oppositely directed to the friction force 
    • b) the action force, and the friction the reaction force 
    • c) both of these
    • d) none of these 
  6. I throw an apple into the air at 30 m/s. At the top of its trajectory, its acceleration is 
    • a) 0 m/s^2 
    • b) 5 m/s^2
    • c) 10 m/s^2
    • d) 20 m/s^2
    • e) 45 m/s^2
  7. A car increases its speed from 60 to 65 miles per hour in the same time that a bicycle increases its speed from 0 to 5 mph. In this case the acceleration is greater for the 
    • a) car 
    • b) bicyle 
    • c) is the same for each 
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