CNC Lathe Codes

  1. G00 
    Rapid Movement
  2. G01
    Linear Interpolation (Feed) 
  3. G02
    Clockwise Circular Interpolation
  4. G03
    Counter Cloclwise Circular Interpolation
  5. G4 
  6. G20
  7. G21
  8. G28
    Return to Reference Point U0. W0.
  9. G29
    Return to 2nd Reference Point
  10. G32
    Thread Cutting
  11. G40 
    Tool Nose Compensation Cancel
  12. G41
    Tool Nose Radius Compensation Left
  13. G42 
    Tool Nose Radius Compensation Right
  14. G50
    • Tool Coordinate Setting 
    • Maximum Spindle Speed Setting
  15. G65
    Macro Calling
  16. G74
    High Speed Peck Drilling (Canned)
  17. G75
    Peck Grooving on X Axis (Canned Cycle)
  18. G80
    Canned Cycle Cancel
  19. G83
    Peck Drilling (Canned Cycle)
  20. G84 
    Tapping Cycle (Canned Cycle)
  21. G90
    Absolute Programming
  22. G91
    Incremental Programming 
  23. G92 
    Thread Cutting Cycle 
  24. G96
    Constant Surface Speed (Cutting Speed)
  25. G97
    Constant RPM
  26. G98
    Feed per min
  27. G99
    Feed per revolution
  28. M00
    Program Stop
  29. M01
    Optional Stop
  30. M02
    End of Program
  31. M03
    Spindle Clockwise
  32. M04 
    Spindle Counterclockwise
  33. M05
    Spindle Stop
  34. M07
    Coolant Mist On
  35. M08
    Coolant Flood On
  36. M09
    Coolant Off
  37. M19
    Spindle Orientation
  38. M30
    End of Program and Reset
  39. M98
    Call Subprogram
  40. M99
    Subprogram end (return to main program)
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