Analysis of Doctor Zhivago

  1. Pasternak's Zhivago includes all of these elements
    Symbolism, mysticism, religion, coincidental conjunction
  2. Which epics does Doctor Zhivago echo
    Homer's The Odyssey, Virgil's The Aeneid, and Dante's Divine Comedy
  3. How is Yuri compared to Homer's Odyssey
    Yuri wanders back and forth across Russia
  4. What is Yuri's intersts in Kubarikha compared to(the witch who casts spells on cows)
    Odysseus' enchantment by teh witch Circe
  5. What is Yuriss struggle to escape the Bolsheviks to
    Odysseus' inability to escape Scylla and Charybdis
  6. Which characters in Doctor Zhivago can be compared to Greek gods who help or impede Odysseus
    Evgraf and Samdeviatov
  7. How does Yuri's uncle Nikolai reflect on Rome
    By criticizing their tyranical rule, a reference to Stalin whose face was marked by pocketmarks.... in Nikolai's criticizing he talks of "pocketmarked Caligulas"
  8. What is the story of Virgil's Aeneas
    The story of the founding of the Roman Empire: Aenas escapes Troy after the Greeks destroy it; he travels through the underworld to reconfrim his destiny
  9. What is Aenas journy to the underworld a symbol of in Zhivago
    Yuri's escape from teh partisian camp (underworld)
  10. What connects Doctor Zhivago to Dante
    References to Christianity and teh meaning of life and death
  11. What is Lara a reminder of from Dante's Comedy
    Dante's Beatrice = Yuri's Lara
  12. What are the three stages of Dante's inferno? Which one is Yuri stuck in
    • Inferno, Purgatorio, adn Paradiso
    • Yuri is in Inferno (after math of the civil war)
  13. What is the pov of  Doctor Zhivago
    3rd person Omniscent
  14. What is prolepsis
    Advancing the narrative into the future
  15. What is ironic about "The Five O'Clock Express"
    It is the express of the train, but the train in the chapter is actually staionary
  16. How many of the chapters are tains, trams, railways, and railtracks mentioned in
    10 of the 16
  17. Trains normally suggest motion and speed; in the novel they frequently stop or don't run at all.... this shows
    The speed of progression is slowing
  18. What is the symbolism of the trains
    Often associated with the movement of troops to and from the front and the movement of citizens fleeing civil war, come to represent the dysfunctinal government, forcing people into a communist, totalitarian society
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