CIS 141 Final Cards

  1. Step #1

    Five-Step Search Strategy
    Internet for Research
    Analyze your topic to decide where to begin.
  2. Step #2 ?

    Five-Step Search Strategy
    Internet for Research
    • Pick the right starting place.
    • -search engines
    • -subject directories
    • -specialized databases
    • -find an expert
  3. Step #3 ?

    Five-Step Search Strategy
    Internet for Research
    Learn as you go & VARY your approach with what you learn.
  4. Step #4 ?

    Five-Step Search Strategy
    Internet for Research
    Don't bog down any strategy that doesn't work.
  5. Step #5 ?

    Five-Step Search Strategy
    Internet for Research
    Return to previous strategy better informed.
  6. How do you search for exact phrases on Google?
    • By placing the phrase in quotation marks.
    • Example: "Michael Jackson" not Michael Jackson
  7. Restricted content web pages will end in...?
    .edu, .gov, .mil
  8. Unrestricted content web pages will end in...?
    • .com .org .net
    • or most country codes .uk .us
  9. Time management includes...
    • Goals
    • Avoid Waiting Time
    • Bosses & Delegation
    • Specific skills and tools
    • Stress and Procrastination
  10. Goals, Priorities, and Planning
    • Why am I doing this? What is the goal?
    • Why will I succeed?
  11. To make a to do list...
    • Break things down into small steps
    • do the ugliest thing first
  12. In Covey's four-quadrant TODO what goes in the top left box labeled "Important-Due Soon"?
  13. In Covey's four-quadrant TODO what goes in the top left box labeled "Important-Not Due Soon"?
  14. In Covey's four-quadrant TODO what goes in the top left box labeled "Not Important-Due Soon"?
  15. In Covey's four-quadrant TODO what goes in the top left box labeled "Not Important- Not Due Soon"?
  16. CPU stands for?
    Central Processing Unit
  17. What is a CPU?
    Everything that a computer does is overseen by the CPU
  18. What is a MOTHERBOARD?
    This is the main circuit board to which all of the other internal components connect.
    Used to temporarily store information with which the computer is currently working.
    A permanent type of memory storage used by the computer for important data that doesn't change
  21. Basic Input/Output system (BIOS)
    A type of ROM that is used by the computer to establish basic communication when the computer is first powered on.
  22. Caching
    The storing of frequently used data in extremely fast RAM that connects directly to the CPU
  23. Virtual Memory
    Space on a hard disk used to temporarity store data and swap it in and out of RAM as needed
  24. Flash memory
    a solid state storage device, Flash memory requires no moving parts and retains data even after the computer powers off.
  25. Hard disk/hard drives
    large and permanent holds information like programs and documents
  26. The end is?
    Maximizing fun
  27. The typical worker miss how many hours a day?
    2 hours
  28. Managing your time well makes you?
  29. 80/20 Rule
    20% valuable people provide 80 % happiness
  30. Experience is...
    something you can't fake
  31. "If you can dream it, you can do it."
    Who said this?
    Walt Disney
  32. How many days was Disneyland built in?
    366 days
  33. Planning to fail is...
    ...failing to plan
  34. Have a plan even though... might change
  35. To Do list should be broken down into?
    Small Steps
  36. DBMS (Data Base Management System)
    Provides an interface between the database and the users
  37. Access is an example of?
    A database
  38. MySQL is an example of what?
    Database management system
  39. Oracle is an example of?
    DBMS(data base management system)
  40. Database is...
    organized into tables and saved on to your harddrive.
  41. Tables are organized into?
  42. A row represents?
    A record within the table
  43. Colums are?
    A field
  44. Each field can hold a specific type of data.
    True or false?
  45. a field is part of?
    a record
  46. a record is part of a?
    a table
  47. A field that uniquely identifies a record in a table.
    primary key
  48. Which field would act best as a primary key?
    an ID number
  49. A connection between two tables.
  50. _______ requires a primary key.
  51. The most common relationship
  52. information is____?
    an assesst
  53. ______ relationships require a "between" table.
  54. Relationships and tables are a part of?
  55. User interfaces consist of _____ in a database?
    Forms, Reports, Queries
  56. _____ may be used for entering or editing data.
  57. Forms may include ______ validation rules to prevent obviously incorrect data from being entered.
    validation rules
  58. Validation Rules can prevent ______ data entry mistakes.
    some (but not all)
  59. A ______ displays desired data (e.g., "output")
  60. ____ may be printed or displayed on screen.
  61. Reports can be very detailed with _____ & ______.
    groupings, subtotals
  62. A _____ is a request for information.
  63. One of the most powerful features of a database is its ability to manipulate the data to extract useful information.
  64. _____ uses English-like statements to specify the desired query.
    Structured Query Language (SQL)
  65. A ______ is a skilled and trained computer proffessionals who directs all activities related to an organization database, including providing security from intruders.
    database administrator
  66. _____ is the process of identifying useful and previously unknown information from a large data sets or databases.
    Data mining
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