Chemistry II Vocab

  1. Allotrope
    multiple forms of the same element with different bonding or structure
  2. Alkane
    hydrocarbon with only single bonds
  3. Alkene
    hydrocarbon containing one or more double bond
  4. Alkyne
    hydrocarbon containning one or more triple bond
  5. Isomer
    compounds with the same number and type of atom, but with different arrangements
  6. Functional group
    atom or group of atoms attached to a hydrocarbon that always react in a certain way
  7. Polymer
    large organic molecule made of smaller bonded units
  8. Monomers
    smaller units that make up polymers
  9. Suspension
    heterogeneous mixture with large particles (settles when left sitting)
  10. Colloid
    heterogeneous mixture with medium sized particles (never settles)
  11. Solvent
    primary ingredient in a solution (part that does the dissolving)
  12. Solute
    ingredient added to the solvent (part being dissolved)
  13. Aqueous solution
    solution in which water is the solvent
  14. Molarity (M)

  15. Molality (m)

  16. Miscible
    when two ingredients can be mixed together
  17. Electrolyte
    part that conducts electricity in a solution
  18. Colligative property
    properties of an atom (freezing, melting points)
  19. Chemical kinetics
    the study of reaction rates
  20. Reaction rates
    how fast a reactant disappears or how fast a product appears
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Chemistry II Vocab
Chemistry II Vocab