1. Acrylic Rodent Restrainer
    A clear plastic tube used for venipuncture on rats and mice usually has holes drilled into it
  2. Bull staff
    Long handled metal rod with a large hook at one end that clips to the nose ring
  3. Casting rope
    A rope used to place an enclosed animal on its side
  4. Catching Hook
    • Catching chickens and turkeys
    • A hook usually about 5" long attatched to a long handled pole
  5. Catching net
    A net usually attatched to a long handled pole for catching chickens and turkeys
  6. Cattle chute
    Examination area large enough to hold one animal, often with poles for cross-tying and an opening to hold the head
  7. Twitch
    • Horse restraint
    • Rope or chain attatched to a long wooden handle. Designed to go around the upper lips for procedure restraint
  8. Rubber forceps
    Used to grasp small rodents and allows them to be transported from cage to cage
  9. Head snare
    Rabies pole
  10. Hobble
    • Prevents kicking
    • Leather straps fastened above the hocks to restrict movement
  11. Hurdle
    Flat, shield like piece of plywood or plastic three feet square used to direct pigs into an enclosure
  12. Nose lead
    Large metal tongs with large ball shaped ends, designed for cattle to hold their heads in place
  13. Snubbing rope
    Slip lead designed to go around the pigs snout
  14. Stanchion
    The opening of the cattle chute where the head goes through
  15. Stocks
    Narrow enclosure that partially immobilizes the horse. Made of metal bars or wooden planks
  16. V-Trough
    Used to restrain small pigs on their backs
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