1. "Climax (n,v) ."
    "SYN: Turning point, mile stone, corner | ANT: Bottom, rock bottom, nadir. | EX: The movie climaxes with a fantastic chase scene."
  2. Dialogue (n)
    " SYN: Conversation, talk, discussion | ANT: quite, silent, speechless | EX: The debate of candidates was a long dialogue."
  3. Scene (n)
    " SYN: Place, setting, location | ANT: displace, dislocation, unset | EX: The movie climaxes with a fantastic chase scene."
  4. Bah (interjection)
    SYN: expression
  5. "Humbug (v,n) Something deceiving "
    " SYN: Fake, phony, nonsense, Sham | ANT: undeceive, real, honest | EX: He tells so many lies, that people call him humbug."
  6. Welfare (n)
    " SYN: Well, good, well-being | ANT: poor, poverty, ill-being | EX: The Welfare System provides money to the needs."
  7. Transform (v)
    " SYN: Change, convert, morph | ANT: unchanged, deform, un-morph | EX: The wizard transforms himself to a dragon."
  8. Surplus (n)
    " SYN: Abundance, overflow, redundancy, extra | ANT: debt, lack, need | EX: We have surplus of toys to give to the poor."
  9. " Summon (v) Call for a service, command a service, "
    " SYN: Request, require, ask | ANT: Un-summon, release, excuse | EX: The wizard summons a dragon."
  10. Solitude (n)
    " SYN: Alone, loneliness, isolation | ANT: group, togetherness, crowdies | EX: He was unkind to people, so he lives in his solitude."
  11. Reassurance (n)
    " SYN: Comforting, consoling, consolation | ANT: Discomforting, in consoling, discourage | EX: The parent give reassurance to the kid, so he can have confident on his test."
  12. "Provision (v,n) "
    " SYN: Support, provide, protect | ANT: unsupported, unprovide, unprotect. | EX: They stop to provision the ship."
  13. "Pledge (v,n) "
    " SYN: Promise, oath, vow | ANT: lie, unvow, fib | EX: I pledge allegiant to flag of the USA."
  14. Odious (adj)
    " SYN: Hateful, nasty, offensive | ANT: inoffensive, loveable, and likeable | EX: He mades an odius and unforgivable insult to the King, that have him executed."
  15. Mortal (adj)
    " SYN: Death, fatal, leathal, terminal | ANT: alive, immortal, non-leathal. | EX: We will die because we are mortal."
  16. Macabre (adj)
    " SYN: Death, zombie, terrify, horrify | ANT: alive, lively, no scary. | EX: A macabre movie is about animated corpses."
  17. Incoherent (adj)
    " SYN: Influent, disconnect, disjoin | ANT: coherent,connect, join | EX: He makes an incoherent speech no one could understand."
  18. Finale (n)
    " SYN: End, finish, last | ANT: intro, begin, first | EX: The grand finale at the end of a recital."
  19. "Endeavor (v,n) "
    " SYN: Try, attempt, archive, dare | ANT: give up, un attempt, surrender | EX: The boy endeavors to a talent show."
  20. Emerge (v)
    " SYN: Rise, show, arose | ANT: sink, disappear, and submerge | EX: The submarine emerges to the surface of the ocean."
  21. Destitue (adj)
    " SYN: Desired, w | ANT:ed, lacked | ANT: rich, wealthy, well-off | EX: He is destitute, so he is willing to do anything."
  22. Currency (n)
    " SYN: Money, buck, dollar | ANT: | EX: The currency of the US is dollar."
  23. Charitable (adj)
    "SYN: Giving, generous, do-good | ANT: greedy, selfish, self-center | EX: She is a charitable woman."
  24. Anonymous (adj)
    " SYN: Unknown, noname, nameless, absence | ANT:name, famous, knowing, well known, | EX: we have an anonymous phone call from someone we don't know."
  25. Abundance (n)
    " SYN: Surplus, overflow, full, plenty | ANT: hungry, lack, poor | EX: We have an abundance amount of food."
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