1. The Magna Carta changed rights...two ways
    It said that the king was not above the law, it required that when barons were charged with a crime, the would be entitled to a fair trail by jury
  2. Define guild
    a group of tradespeople (eg.trailors)
  3. How did guilds help those who belonged to them?
    shared resources, save supplies, command high prices, elimanate competition
  4. How did guilds make life difficult for those who did not belong to them?
    guild drove prices up
  5. List 7 sanitary problems
    over crowding,shared dwellings with animals, streets were often made of dust or mud, no garbage collections, no sewer systems, polluted well water, rapid spread of disease
  6. Wealthy people didnt like poor, name 3 excuses
    smelly, ugly, unpleasant
  7. difference between villeins and serfs
    villeins:limited freedom serfs:belonged permanantly to land
  8. Why peasants occasionally revolt against crown?
    unreasonable high taxes, mistreatment, loss of privileges, bad working conditions
  9. 2 important forms of entertainment for the nobility.
    hawking: training a hawk to hunt prey and return it, tournament: jousting and military games
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