1. Dorsal
    direction term that means "toward the back"
  2. Ventral
    a direction term that means "toward the anterior of front"
  3. perfuse
    to pump; in the anmal, the bodys ability to pump blood
  4. Nares
  5. Keel
    breastbone of the bird
  6. intervertebral disk disease (IVDD)
    deteriorated cushions between the vertebrea
  7. choana
    slit like opening on the roof of the mouth in a bird
  8. alopecia
    hair loss on body
  9. signalment
    age, breed, gender, reproductive status and overall description of animal
  10. integumentary system
    skin and attatched structures. i.e. hair, skin, scales, nails
  11. pulmonary adema
    fluid accumulation in the lungs
  12. tympanic membrane
    ear drum
  13. palpation
    examination by "touch"
  14. auscultation
    listening for sounds produced within the body
  15. erythroderma
    redness of the skin
  16. papules
  17. condones
    black heads
  18. caudal
    toward the tail
  19. cranial
    toward the head
  20. inguinal
    between the rear legs
  21. turgor pressure
    dehydration test/skin test. normal elasticity of skin
  22. rales
    crackling or rattling sounds during inhalation
  23. The 3 zones on the Left side of the thorax
    Pulmonary, Aortic, Miral
  24. Right side valve of thorax
  25. medial
  26. peristalsis
    abdominal gut sounds
  27. palpebral reflex
    • Blinking:
    • toughing the medial corner of the eye to elicit a blink
  28. menace relfex
    • Looking for blinking:
    • the act of moving your palm rapidly towards the animals eye
  29. Proprioception or Righting reflex
    • the act of turning a paw or hoof to a flexed position and placing it down.
    • Normal = return to normal ASAP
    • Abnormal = stays in that position
  30. Lymph node locations
    • Submandibular = caudal to mandible (palpable)
    • Prescapular = just cranial/dorsal to shoulder (palpable)
    • Axillary = armpit (not palpable)
    • inguinal = between rear legs (not palpable)
    • Popliteal = behind stifle (palpable)
  31. conjunctiva
    the membrane that covers the eyeball as well as the inside of eyelids
  32. sclera
    the white of the eye
  33. cornea
    the transparent layer that covers the very front of the eye
  34. S.O.A.P
    • Subjective = reason for visit
    • Objective = vital signs
    • Assessment = diagnosis
    • Plan/Procedure = tx plan
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