1. Trinity
    (the three-fold nature of God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit—a Christian expression of monotheism)
  2. • Incarnation
    (Jesus as God incarnate)
  3. • Church
    (the whole community of the Church and individual congregations)
  4. • Salvation
    (all believers will be saved and live in God’s presence)
  5. • Kingdom of God
    (both an earthly and heavenly closeness to God)
  6. • Atonement
    (reconciliation between God and humanity through Christ)
  7. • Sin
    (act or acts of rebellion against the will of God)
  8. • Resurrection
    (Jesus Christ’s rise from the dead, and that of believers)
  9. • Redemption
    (Jesus Christ as redeemer through his death on the cross)
  10. • Repentance
    (recognition of the need to be saved from sin by God’s love)
  11. • Reconciliation
    (uniting of believers with God through the sacrifice of Jesus)
  12. • Grace
    (God’s love for humanity and the means to salvation through faith in Jesus)
  13. • Logos
    (the Word of God incarnate as Jesus Christ)
  14. • Agape
    (the love of God for humanity)
  15. Sacrament
    (an outward sign of a blessing given by God (Protestant) or the actual presence of God (Catholic and Orthodox)
  16. Baptism
    ceremony of initiation into church through water
  17. Confirmation
    rite where a baptized person affirms Christian belief and is admitted as as member of the Church.
  18. Predestination
    God's awareness of all that will happen, particularly with regard to a salvation
  19. Communion/Eucharist
    rite of sharing wine and bread in accordance with instruction with the Last Supper
  20. Tithe
    a gift of 1/10 of earnings to church, formally a tax collected by church
  21. Disciples
    a personal follower of Jesus
  22. Jesus
    Son of God, savior of the world
  23. Holy Spirit/Ghost
    God as spiritually active in the world
  24. Mary
    Mother of Jesus, Saint
  25. Paul
    disciple of Jesus, Christian missionary to the Gentiles, author of several New Testament books
  26. Peter
    disciple of Jesus, founder of the Church, first Pope
  27. Mary Magdalene
    most important female disciple
  28. Pope
    head of Catholic Church
  29. Old testament
    1st half of bible, closely aligned with Jewish Hebrew bible, contains history and books of the prophets
  30. new testament
    2nd half of bible, contains Gospels, Paul's letters and revelations
  31. Apocrypha
    biblical or related writings not forming part of the accepted canon of scripture for Protestants, but included in the Catholic Bible.
  32. Prophet
    inspired teacher and proclaimer of the will of God, predicts future events
  33. heaven
    terms for the physical or transcendent place of reunion with God
  34. Purgatory
    place/state of suffering where people atone for sins before reaching heaven (Catholic)
  35. Hell
    physical or transcendent place of separation from God and eternal suffering
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