History FINAL

  1. Two sides of WWI
    • Central Powers: Germany, Austria-Hungary
    • Triple Entante: Britain, France, Russia (Italy)
  2. Kaiser Wilhelm II
    Took over after Otto Van Bismark in Germany 
  3. TE Lawrence
    Nicknamed Lawrence of Arabia, known for Arab Revolt against Ottoman Empire
  4. British and French Mandates
    • Partitioning of Ottoman
    • Britain: mesopotamia and S. Syria
    • France: Syria and Lebanon
  5. Balfour Declaration of 1917
    Britain officially supporting Jewish nation-state in Palestine
  6. Zionism
    form of nationalism for jews and jewish culture that advocates for nation-state in Israel
  7. Indian Independence/Partion of Pakistan 1947
    • political independence without insurrection from Britain
    • Split because dominant hindu pop in india and dominant muslim pop in Pakistan
  8. Gandhi Key Influences
    • mom
    • school in london
    • lawyer in South Africa
    • kicked off bus
    • Jesus/Matthew 5:38-42
  9. Satyagraha
    passive resistance
  10. Ahimsa
    to do no harm
  11. Vladimir Lenin
    • led the october revolution in Russia which overtook government and made russia the first constitutionally socialist country
    • member of Bolshevik party
  12. F.D.R.
    • President after WWI and during great depression 33-45
    • created new deal for economic revival: relief recovery reform
  13. America's roaring 20's
    prosperous economic time, model T cars, radio, flappers, etc
  14. Fascism
    • government holds product production and government is superior
    • nationally focused
  15. Hitler
    • leader of nazi german party
    • holocaust
  16. Mussolini
    • Fascist leader in Italy
    • destroyed all political opposition in Italy 
    • founder of fascism (one of them)
  17. Franco
    spanish dictator
  18. Hirohito
    Emperor of japan during WWII
  19. Mein Kampf
    • hitler autobiography
    • projecting political views and anti-semitism
  20. Communism
    • community holds production and everyone is equal
    • thinks more globally
  21. Fuhrer
    • title that hitler gave himself
    • means leader of nazi party
  22. Yalta meeting
    post war conference between uk/us/soviet dealing with how to rebuild post war europe
  23. Potsdam Conference
    meeting to figure out how to deal with/punish post war Germany
  24. Kennan's Long Telegram
    US ambassador that sent telegram to US treasury telling how hard it would be to deal with the soviets during the cold war
  25. Truman Doctrine
    • Greasey-Turkey
    • give money to things countries to help them fight communism
  26. Marshall Plan
    $13 billion in aid to deter europe from turning to communism
  27. NATO
    • north atlantic treaty organization
    • western europe and north american alliance for defense
  28. Warsaw Pact
    Against NATO, Eastern European Alliance
  29. J. Robert Oppenheimer
    • father of the Atom Bomb
    • worked in the Manhattan Project
  30. McCarthyism
    making false accusations about people being communists because of fear of communism in the US
  31. Latin American Dictators
    • Jacob Arbenz: Guatemala
    • Augusto Pinochet: Chile
    • Fulencio Batista: Cuba 
  32. Iranian Revolution
    • 1979 overthrowing of old government
    • Muhammed Reza Pahlavi: dictator committed to Westernizing Iran
    • Ayatolla Khomeini: leader of the revolution that became leader of Iran
  33. Iran Contra-Scandal
    • Iran takes US hostages 
    • US covertly sells them weapons in exchange for release
    • Send $ to Swiss bank, used $ to fund contra rebels in Nicaragua
  34. Afghanistan
    • Mujahudding fithers back by US and Soviets 
    • Osama Bin Laden
  35. Pakistan
    Ayoub Khan Regime backed by US
  36. Gamal Nasser
    Suez Crisis
  37. Fidel Castro
    communist leader in Cuba
  38. Cuban Missle Crisis
    soviets tried to put nuclear missles aimed at the US in cuba and US got mad
  39. Indo-China War (45-54)
    french had taken over WWII and this was a rebellion against them
  40. Viet Cong
    Vietnam and Cambodia coalition that fought against the US and won the Vietnam War
  41. Ho Chi Minh
    president of the Viet Cong and later vietnam that led during the vietnam war
  42. Gulf of Tonking Incident and Resolution
    a confrontation by Vietnam against the US in the Vietnam War and it led to LBJ being able to assisst any SE Asian country that was jeopardized by communist aggression
  43. Tet Offensive
    An Attack on the US during a holiday when no attacks were supposed to happen
  44. Vietnamization
    handing the government back over to S. Vietnam and slowly decreaseing troups 
  45. Pol Pot
    Cambodian Maoist re volutionary who led Khmer Rouge
  46. Khmer Rouge
    followers of communist part in Cambodia
  47. China's Mao Zedong
    communist chinese revolutionary
  48. Korena War
    war between north and sourth korea based on political ideas
  49. Great Leap Foward
    unsuccessful economic output increase to beak UK and US production
  50. Great Proletariat Cultural Revolution
    a way to get Mao's power back after the failed great leap forward it reduced all capitalism
  51. Deng Xiaoping
    • wealth is good market economy
    • in china
  52. nelson mandela
    first president in a full election and opposed apartheid
  53. Apartheid
    racial regregation in south africa
  54. Mikhail Gorbachev
    founded social democratic party of Russia and helped end cold war
  55. Perestroika
    restructuring of russia
  56. Ethnic Cleansing examples
    • rwanda
    • bosnia
    • darfur
    • holocaust
  57. Arab Spring
    removal of dictators and rise to democracy
  58. How did Einstein overturn sir isaac newton's views on gravity
    objects are pushed not pulled
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