1. Motivation
    state of thinking or feeling in which one is energized to perform a task or engage in a particular behavior

    the tool or driving force that enables us to accomplish a task whether or not we feel like it 
  2. Motivation
    hard for managers to have employee motivation

    like satisfaction this should be based on the individual- not the same for everyone!
  3. Qualities of motivated behavior
    • focused 
    • has intensity
    • quality
    • duration
  4. What motivates people
    employee needs

    rewards and punishments
  5. Needs
    • motivation is about needs
    • relates our needs to a task 
    • what makes you work harder- gain satisfaction from the work because it meets our needs 
  6. Maslow Hierarchy of Needs
    • basic needs have to be met first 
    • then focus on finding employment that provides meaning
    • increases self worth
    • increases self esteem
    • self expression
    • self actualization 
  7. Dual factor theory motivation
    • basic idea:
    • people are motivated towards things that make them feel good and away from things that make them feel bad 

    2 factors- hygiene factors and motivators
  8. Hygiene Factors
    • company policy and administration
    • supervision
    • salary
    • interpersonal relations
    • working conditions
    • status
    • security
  9. Hygiene Factors
    concerned with work environement

    presence of will not cause job satisfaction or motivation 
  10. Motivators
    • achievelemt
    • recognition
    • work itself
    • responsibility
    • advancement
    • growth
  11. Motivators
    more concerned with work itslef

    presence of will lead to job satisfaction and motivation 
  12. Money in motivation
    money is a hygiene factor- presenct will NOT cause motivation 
  13. Carrot and stick approach
    refers to a policy of offering a combination of reqards and punishments to induce a behavior
  14. Rewards and Punishments
    no one best type of reward or punishment

    people are motivated by different rewards or punishments

    managers should like type of reward to the reward that is valued by the employee
  15. Where does motivation come from
    • intrinsic (internal and within employee)
    • building good relationships and having fun at work

    • extrinsic (external and from the outside)
    • money and time off
  16. Problems with extrinsic motivation 
    harmful to relationships- if then, fear

    • creates dpeendency- like a bribe
    • continue to expect bribes to perform 
  17. Intrinsiv vs extrinsic motivators
    • need a balance!
    • need both to have good motivation 
  18. 3 ways to generate effective extrinsic motivation
    customize random rewards- better than predictable rewards and more meaningful if random 

    make recognition timely- bonus at the end of the year

    encourage growth- invest in employee development 
  19. Ways to increase intrinsic motivation
    • provide work with a purpose
    • believe in your work
    • be passionate about your work 

    younger generations value this!!!!!!
  20. motivation challenges
    • difficult to develop consensus on what motivates
    • motivation is dynamic and can change from day to day
    • motivation is different from person to person 
  21. best way to motivate employees
    ASK what motivates them 
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