Marine Bio: Plankton Vocab

  1. algea
    type of photosynthethic marine plant. can either be salt water or freshwater
  2. autotroph
    (self energy) organisms whicih can make energy all by themselves
  3. baleen
    type of thing inside whale's mouths used to filter feed
  4. bilateral summetry
    two sided cut in half and still the same
  5. bloom
    explosion of phytoplanktons; overpopulation and overreproduction
  6. cellulose
    material foudn in plant cell walls. also found in dinoflagellates
  7. coccoliths
    cell walls surrounding a planktonic algea
  8. density
    how heavy a solution is
  9. dinoflagellate
    can consist of red and green and are able to exist in lower levels of light. Acquires bioluminescence and gives off blue glow
  10. filament
    chains of living cells
  11. frustule
    glass like structure made of silica
  12. heterotrph
    they need to eat something to obtain power
  13. holoplanktons
    planktons who "Free swim" their whole lives
  14. meroplanktons
    "baby" organisms.
  15. net plankton
    being microscopivc
  16. radial symmetry
    think of a circle
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Marine Bio: Plankton Vocab
Marine Bio: Plankton Vocab