1. What is head and neck cancer?

    location can affect?
    tumors that grow in the mouth, throat, voice box or neck

    breathing, eating, voice, speaking, and appearance
  2. How common is it?

    approx ____ new cases in US every year?
    ___ % have very advanced cancers by the time they 1st see a doctor?

    ___ is the 2nd in the US in deaths from head and neck cancer?


    South Carolina- Charleston County
  3. Risk factors?
    • Tobacco (90%)
    • alcohol
    • viruses-HPV
    • overexposure to the sun
    • other possible factors: chronic irritation, genetics
  4. Risks:
    ____ increases your risk by 15 times compares to a non smoker

    ___ increases your risk of head and neck cancer 4 times?

    ____ is very addictive has as much nictone as 3 cigarettes?
    cigarette smoking

    chew/dip/smoke-less tobacco

  5. Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)- associated H&N cancers

    Increasing __?
    Cause ?
    • incidence
    • >50% of tonsil and tongue base cancers
    • young, non-smokers
    • high risk strains often sexually transmitted (>95% due to HPV 16)
    • very aggressive so prevention is key
  6. Where do the cancers begin?
    areas where tobacco and alcohol have the most contact.
  7. As the cancer grows cells can ___ and travel to ___ in ?
    • break off
    • Lymph nodes
    • neck
  8. How do the cancers grow?

    Pre-cancerous lesions?
    • white patches
    • will not rub off
    • 4-18% will develop into cancer

    • red patches
    • persisten without obvious cause
    • removal recommended because- 20-30% will develop into cancer
  9. Symptoms of head and neck cancer:

    Oral cavity?
    • non-healing ulcer**
    • bleeding
    • loose tooth, poor fitting denture
    • diff speaking
    • diff swallowing
    • pain
    • weight loss
  10. Symptoms of head and neck cancer:

    • Ear pain (from nerves that go to noth throat and ear)
    • painful/difficulty swallowing
    • muffled voice
    • diff mouth-opening
    • weight loss
    • lump in neck
  11. Symptoms of head and neck cancer:

    Voice Box?
    • hoarseness/voice change
    • painful/diff swallowing
    • ear pain
    • weight loss
    • neck mass/lump
    • breathing diff
  12. If breathing diff people may need a ___ to breathe?
  13. Treatment team

    Tx decisions are made by a team of professionals along with__?

    pt and family

    head and neck surgeons (ENT), radiation and chemo doctors

    nurses, speech/swallowing experts, dentistry experts

    nutritionists, phyical therapists and more
  14. Chemo ___ the cancer

    Radiation ___ the cancer
    • poisons
    • hair loss
    • nausea
    • fatigue (tired)

    • burns:
    • peeling painful mouth tissue (mucositis)
    • very dry mouth
    • scarring
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