Air Pollution Control

  1. What are four major ways of dealing with air pollutants?
    • Thermal destruction
    • Catalytic destruction
    • Collection
    • Change chemical composition to less toxic form
  2. Name 4 types of air-cleaning designs
    • Scrubber
    • Electrostatic precipitator
    • Cyclone
    • Baghouse
  3. FGD
    Flue Gas Desulfurization
  4. Two main categories of scrubbers
    • wet
    • dry
  5. Two categories of scrubbing liquid - which is more common?
    • Regenerable (product can be sold)
    • Non-regenerable (product can be recycled into the same process but not sold) - Most common
  6. SDA - it works on what concept?
    Spray Dryer Absorber, a type of dry scrubber that works because of absorption
  7. DI - it works on what concept?
    Dry injectors, a type of dry scrubber that works based on adsorption
  8. What are two typical sorbants for a dry injector scrubber?
    • Ca(OH)2
    • Na2CO3
  9. What type of scrubber has no steam or wastewater generated?
    Dry scrubber
  10. What are the two components of a dry scrubber system?
    • Alkali unit
    • Particulate Removal
  11. IPM
    Integrated Pest Management
  12. Scrubbers are designed to remove mainly what pollutant?
  13. Name two types of liquor solutions used in wet scrubbers. Which is more expensive? Which has better SO2 solubility?
    • Lime/limestone
    • Na based ("clear") - better solubility but more expensive
  14. Before SO2 removal ________ is typically removed by filters or electrostatic precipitators
    fly ash
  15. What design of wet scrubber has less erosion and maintenance, but requires a high liquid-gas ratio?
    Simple Spray Tower
  16. pH can effect ____ solubility in wet scrubbers
  17. If your gas velocity is too fast, this would require a ________ scrubber to get adequate SO2 removal
  18. The term for the ability to operate at less than full capacity
  19. Coal with a high moisture content typically has a ___ heating value
  20. the heating value of coal depeonds on its
  21. Because flue gas contains some SO2 as it exits the absorber, FGD systems generally use ________ to prevent corrosion (2 methods)
    • Reheaters
    • Special construction materials for downstream fans and ductwork
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