Life of Leo Tolstoy

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  1. Who was Leo Tolstoy's ancestor
    Peter Tolstoy
  2. What is signifigant of Peter Tolstoy
    • He was part of Peter the Greats westernizing project and granted the title of 'count'.
    • He was possibly involved in the murder of Alexie
  3. How did Leo Tolstoy's mother die
    Giving birth to Leo's youngest sibling Marya
  4. Who was the mother figure for the Tolstoy house after Leo's mothers death
    His fatehr's cousin Tatiana Yergolskaya
  5. What was a strong influence of Leo Tolstoy's writing
    The stories his brother Nikolai told him of a magic green stick with the inscription tot he secret of enternal happiness
  6. By 1842, Tolstoy was reading the works of which author which influenced his earlywriting
    Jean Jacques Rousseau
  7. What University did Tolstoy enter in 1844
    Kazan University
  8. What did Tolstoy recieve with his inheritance? How was his lief immediatly following
    He recieved the property in Yasnaya Polyana but sooned bored of it and moved to Moscow where he whored and drank and asked his brother for change
  9. What was Tolstoy's first novel? What two novels followed after this one
    Childhood (1852), Boyhood (1854), Youth (1856)
  10. What story writen by Tolstoy followed the events after his joining of an artillery regiment in the Crimean War
    The Raid
  11. The seige at Sevastopol served for what later masterpiece
    War adn Piece
  12. How did Tolstoy's brother Dimtrii die?
  13. Which writer proved to later rival Tolstoy in fame
    Ivan Turgenev
  14. What did Tolstoy do following his return from the military
    Returned to Russia with ideas on education and started  peasent school on his estate
  15. What was interesting about begining of the relationship between Tolstoy and his wife Sofia Behrs
    He gave her his personal diaries talking about his affairs and adultury in his past
  16. In War and Peace, Tolstoy mirrored the struggle between .......
    families, exposing the reality and hypocrisy of aristocratic class
  17. Within War and Peace, what does Tolstoy counterpose
    war and peace, battlefield and ball, Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russian aristocrats and peasants, and exterior landscape and interior
  18. What does Anna Karenina rival
    The adultry of Gustave Flaubert's Madame Bovary
  19. How does the life of Anna end in Anna Karenina
    She throws herself in front of a train, just like the death of a railway worker she saw in the start
  20. What novel opened Tolstoy's religous upheaval
    Confession (1882)
  21. What two books showed Tolstoy's embrace of Orthodox Christianity
    What I Believe, What People Live By; The Kingdom of God Is Within You
  22. What was Tolstoy's last work? What was it's effect
    Ressurection (1900) where he offened the church in criticizing institutionalized religion
  23. How did the waning yers of Tolstoy's life go
    After 48 years of marriage he left his wife in the middle of the night on October 28th, 1910 on a journey along a rail path ending with his death on November 7th in a caretaker's cottage in Astapovo
  24. Where did Tolstoy die
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