PSYC3430 (YU) - Chapter 10

  1. What did (Myers, 2002) say?
    None of us alone is as smart all of us together

    More people, means more information, more people can work and enhance productivity
  2. What are some of the mechanisms for group decision making?
    Not caused by one mechanism, but all of these mechanisms can make decisions faulty

    some sort of decision making ( mjority rules)
  3. What are the 2 types of decision making?
    Intellective Tasks ( right or wrong) [most preferred]

    Judgemental task (  god knows what it is o.0 )
  4. What is the functional theory of group decision making?
    no two groups have same procedue, but 4 main phases known

    1.Orientation, 2.Discussion, 3.Decision , 4. Implementation
  5. What to do in the orientation phase?
    • Define the problem
    • plan the process
  6. What are the brainstorming guidelines by Alex Osborn (1941)
    • Be expressive
    • Postpone evaluation
    • Seek qunatity
    • piggyback ideas
    • every person and every idea is equal worth
  7. What are the 3 parts for a discussion?
    • Remembering hte information
    • exchanging information
    • processing information
  8. When it comes to gathering & remembering information? What is the breakdown?
    • 30% are expressions of opinions and analysis of issues
    • 10% are suggestions
    • 10% is regarding orientation
  9. Dialogue vs debating
    By having a dialogue, you will be sharing facts to reach a greater understanding of hte optionm so people feel more part of the decision.
  10. Whats collective memery?
    Group's combined memory
  11. What is cross-cueing?
    recall of memories improved through group member statements
  12. Transactive memory?
    information is distributed to various members of the group
  13. What is the weakness in group memory?
    Keep meeting minutes, as you will either loaf or free ride
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