1. Stress in Physics terms
    this happens because of the impact of an environmentsl force on a physical object

    could lead to permanent disortion 
  2. Stress in human terms 
    any situation than seen as burdensome, threatening, ambiguous 
  3. 2 types of stress
    acute stress or chronic stress
  4. acute stress
    fight or flight
  5. chronic stress
    can be problematic!
  6. Is stress always bad
    may stimulate creativity and prodectivity 

    a person can find a sense of excitement, challenge, or personal growth

    can be a good to motivate!
  7. does this class suck
    yes but you are pretty :)
  8. distress
    dysfunctional stress

    a general feeling that the situation should not exist (this test!)

  9. Adverse Reaction to stress 
    psychological- job dissatisfaction, irritability, depression

    behavioral- lack sleep, absent from work

    physical- HA, upset stomach, changes in BP
  10. Burnout
    development of negativity in a persons response to others, a lowering of ones estimation of personal achievements and total exhaustion on all front

    if have this need to stop....breaking point....long hair dont care situation
  11. stress in holmes rahe life events scale
    attempt to quantify the amount if stress in a life

    may be related to the workplace 
  12. job stress from within the company
    • role overload
    • role ambigulity
    • role conflict 
  13. job stress from the individual
    • personality
    • family
    • considerations
  14. role overload
    conflict between time and organizational demands concerning the quantity of work to be done
  15. role abmibuity
    represents the extent to which an individual is unclear about what the expectations of others as well as the degree of uncertainty about ones performance 

    especially in a new job- and the unknown of this test!
  16. role conflict
    the simultaneous ocurrence of 2 or more sets of pressure such that compliance with 1 would make compliance with the other more difficult or impossible 
  17. work home conflict
    conflict which the role pressures from work and family are mutually incorporated
  18. job stress
    harmful physical and emotional responses that occur when the requirements of the job do not match the capabilities, resources, or needs of the worker 

    causes poor health conditions and errors -like this exam!
  19. job challenge
    energizes us psychologically and physically and it motivates us to learn new skills and master our jobs
  20. there is a bell curve to show the relationship between stress and performance 
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