sw 200 final

  1. what year did the stock market crash happen
  2. what year did the social security act pass
  3. what does PORA stand for?
    personal responsibility and work opportunity reconciliation act
  4. who signed pora
    president Clinton
  5. TANF was a _________
    block grant
  6. PORA was the
    actual legislation
  7. who wrote the book Social Diagnosis?
    Mary Richmond
  8. who question if social work was a profession?
    Abraham Flexner
  9. What was the name of the first settlement house in the U.S
    Neighborhood Guild
  10. The settlement House movement in the U.S was patterned off of what settlement house?
    Toynbee Hall
  11. Where was Toynbee Hall located?
  12. What was the most famous of the Settlement House in the US?
    Hull House
  13. mental health movement?
    Dorothea Dix
  14. what state was the first to enact sterilization laws?
  15. What American city became the first to establish Division of Child Hygiene?
    New York
  16. Who were medicade for?
    nursing homes
  17. who were medicare for?
    elderly and disabled for two years
  18. What does C.S.W.E?
    Council of Social Work Edcation
  19. What does N.S.W stand for?
    National Association of Social Work
  20. What was the name of the very first school of Social Work associated with a university?
    Columbia University
  21. What were some of the other schools of social work establish in urban areas?
    University of Chicago, School of social service of Administration
  22. survey
  23. what was the first definitive treatie in book form of social casework theory ?
    Social diagnois
  24. what war brought full employment for most americans, including blacks?
  25. What famous exective order did President Rossevelt issues in 1841?
    Exective order 8802
  26. who was Daniel Marnhamd
    Negro Family
  27. what did Nixon sign?
    OHSA Occupational Safety and Health Act
  28. what was the name of the bill introduced in congress and drafted by President Carter?
    Better Jobs and Income Program
  29. What was the result of supply side economics?
    massive unemployment
  30. what was the name of the controversial book about racial intelligence?
    Bell Curve
  31. What was the Family Support Act?
  32. Who signed the Americans with Disabilities Act ADA into law?
  33. How did Bill Clinton see himself?
    New Democrat
  34. How was Clinton seen by public?
  35. What state Bill Clinton govern?
  36. What program he insulted in Aranksa?
    Welfare to work
  37. what was the name of the act that presient clinton got passed and president bush vetoed?
    family leave act
  38. what is the family leave act?
  39. who was the GOP's leader?
    Newt Ginrich
  40. What was the contract he signed?
    Contract of America
  41. What was the block grant ?
  42. Do undocument workers pay taxes?
  43. what does HB56?
    House Bill 56
  44. Has farmers reported loss due to HB56?
  45. Preventive Medical under Obama Care?
    Pre-existencing condition
  46. Actual name of obama care?
    Affordable care act patient protection and afforable care act
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