OM Theories II

  1. Which pattern has palpitations, spontaneous sweating, fatigue, shortness of breath on exertionpale or normal tongue color and deficiency or thready pulse?
    Heart Qi deficiency
  2. Which pattern has palpitations, fatigue, bright-pale face, chilliness an cold extremities, cyanosis of the lips, pale tongue and deep-weak pulse?
    Heart Yang deficiency
  3. Which pattern has palpitations, weak & shallow breathing, profuse sweating, cold limbs, impaired consciousness, blushing-purple tongue and hidden or minute pulse?
    Heart Yang collapse
  4. Which pattern has palpitations, dizziness, insomnia, poor memory, anxiety, easily startled, pale/thin tongue and thready pulse?
    Heart Blood deficiency
  5. Which pattern has palpitations, insomnia, dream-disturbed sleep, low-grade fever, anxiety, red tongue and thready-rapid pulse?
    Heart Yin deficiency
  6. Which pattern has palpitations, mouth ulcers, thirst, insomnia, mental restlessness, dark urine, red tongue (redder tip) and excess and rapid pulse?
    Heart Fire Blazing
  7. Which pattern has palpitations, red face, mental derangements, rapid incoherent speech, agitation, manic behavior, red swollen tip and/or tongue body and rapid/excess pulse?
    Phlegm-Fire Harassing the Heart
  8. Which pattern has mental dullness/confusion, stupor, dull eyes, impaired speech, phlegm sound in throat, thick greasy tongue coating and rolling pulse?
    Phelgm Misting the Mind
  9. Which pattern has palpitations, chest oppression, slight lump in throat, sighing, poor appetite, slightly pale-purple lips and deficient pulse?
    Heart Qi stagnation
  10. Which pattern has palpitations, stabbing chest pain, dark lips, cold hands, spontaneous sweating, purple tongue and hesistant or string-taut pulse?
    Heart Blood stagnation
  11. Which pattern has shortness of breath worse on exertion, weak voice, slight cough, spontaneous sweating, pale tongue and deficient pulse?
    Lung Qi deficiency
  12. Which pattern has dry cough w/scanty sticky sputum, weak hoarse voice, dry mouth, normal or red tongue, thready and rapid pulse?
    Lung Yin deficiency
  13. Which pattern has dry cough, dry nose, dry throat, thirst, hoarse voice, dry tongue of normal color and deficient pulse?
    Lung Dryness
  14. Which pattern has aversion to cold w/mild fever, chills>fever, cough w/clear sputum, occipital HA, body aches, no thirst, thin white tongue coating and superficial tense pulse?
    Lungs Invaded by Wind-Cold
  15. Which pattern has fever>chills, cough w/yellow sputum, sore throat, thirst, HA, body aches, red tongue on sides and superficial rapid pulse?
    Lungs Invaded by Wind-Heat
  16. Which pattern has sudden swellling of eyes and face gradually speading to whole body, aversion to wind, scanty + pale urinatin, cough, white slippery tongue coating and superficial rolling pulse?
    Lungs Invaded by Wind-Water (yang edema)
  17. Which pattern has cough, chest ache, feeling of heat, thirst, red tongue w/yellow coating and surging-rapid pulse?
    Lung Heat
  18. Which pattern has chronic cough coming in bouts, profuse white sputum that is easy to expectorate (worse when lying down), chest oppression, nausea, bodily heaviness, shortness of breath, swollen & thick white coating and rolling pulse?
    Damp-Phlegm Obstructing the Lungs
  19. Which pattern has cough w/expectoration of white watery frothy sputum (more clear) aggravated by cold, chest oppression, cold sensation in body, swollen wet tongue w/sticky white coating and rolling-slow pulse?
    Cold-Phlegm in the Lungs
  20. Which pattern has barking cough w/profuse sticky yellow sputum, wheezing, sensation of heat, thirst, chest oppression, red swollen tongue w/greasy yellow coat and rolling rapid pulse?
    Phlegm-Heat Obstructing the Lung
  21. Which pattern has dry cough w/occasional difficult expectoration of scanty sputum, dry throat, chest oppression, swollen w/dry sticky tongue coating and thready-rolling pulse?
    Dry-Phlegm in the Lungs
  22. Which pattern has cough w/white watery sputum, splashing sounds in chest (rales), breathlessness, wheezing, vomiting of white waery frothy sputum, chilliness, pale tongue body and thick sticky white coat and thready-rolling pulse?
    Phlegm-Fluids Obstructing the Lungs (cold phlegm/yang deficiency)
  23. Which pattern has poor appetite, abd distention after eating, tiredness, loose stools, pale tongue and deficient pulse?
    Spleen Qi deficiency
  24. Which pattern has poor appetite, abd distention after eating, watery stools containing undigested food, weak extremities, cold limbs, fatigue, pale wet tongue and deep weak pulse?
    Spleen Yang deficiency
  25. Which pattern has poor appetite, pale complexion, bearing down sensation in abd, prolapsed uterus, pale tongue and weak pulse?
    Spleen Qi Sinking
  26. Which pattern has poor appetite, blood in stools and urine, excessive uterine bleeding, loose stools, weak extremities, pale complexion, shortness of breath, pale tongue and thready/weak pulse?
    Spleen Qi Failing to Control Blood
  27. Which pattern has poor appetite, sweetish taste or bland-sticky taste, no thirst, epigastric cold, heaviness of the head & body, pale & greasy white coating and rolling/slow pulse?
    Cold-Damp Invading the Spleen
  28. Which pattern has poor appetite, sweet-sticky  or bitter taste, thirst w/no desire to drink, loose stools with foul smell, scanty dark urine, abd fullness, red tongue with greasy yellow coating and rolling/rapid pulse?
    Damp-Heat Invading the Spleen
  29. Which pattern has distention and pain in hypochondrium/abdomen, slight chest oppression, sighing, depression, irritability, lump in throat, irregular or P! menstruation, and string-taut pulse?
    Liver Qi stagnation
  30. Which pattern has hypochondriac distention, irritability, sensation of heat, outburst of anger, irregular & heavy periods, thirst, red tongue sides, and string-taut pulse?
    Liver Qi stagnation turning into Heat
  31. Which pattern has stabbing hypochondrium P!, abd P!, fixed masses in hypochondrium, irregular periods, dark/clotted menses, purple tongue and string-taut or hesitant pulse?
    Liver Blood stagnation
  32. Which pattern has burning P! in hypochondrium, irritability, sudden tinnitus, severe distending or temporal HA, insomnia, outbursts of anger, red eyes, thirst, bitter taste, dark yellow urine, red tongue body w/redder sides, and excess/string-taut pulse?
    Liver Fire
  33. Which pattern has fullness and P! in hypochondrium, bitter taste, vomiting of sour and bitter fluids, yellow vaginal discharge, vulvar itching , pain or red scrotum, dark scanty urine, red tongue and redder sides and rolling, string-taut pulse?
    Damp-Heat in Liver and Gallbladder
  34. Which pattern has fullness and distension of hypogastrium (lower abd) w/P! referring to the scrotum & testes, contraction of scrotum, shrinking of vagina (painful intercourse), vertex HA, vomiting of clear fluids, feeling of cold, pale/wet tongue and string-taut and slow pulse?
    Stagnation of Cold in Liver Channel
  35. Which pattern has dull-pale complexion, blurred vision (floaters), pale lips/nails, dry eyes, dizziness, insomnia, muscle spasms, scanty menstruation, pale tongue body and thready pulse?
    Liver Blood deficiency
  36.  Which pattern has dizziness, numbness/tingling in limbs, mild burning P! in hypochondrium, blurred vision, dry eyes, dull pale complexion w/red cheekbones, muscular weakness, normal color w/o coating and thready or superficial-deficient pulse?
    Liver Yin deficiency
  37. Which pattern has distending or throbbing HA (behind eyes), irritability, dizziness, red & dry eyes, high pitched tinnitus, weakness/soreness of lower back and knees, insomnia, red tongue and string-taut pulse?
    Liver Yang Rising (LV + KD yin deficiency)
  38. Which pattern has high fever, neck rigidity, tremors of limbs, convulsions, locked jaw, deep red or stiff tongue and excess/string-taut pulse?
    Liver Wind due to Extreme Heat (acute onset)
  39. Which pattern has tremors, facial tics, severe dizziness and vertigo, HA, hypertension, dry throat, poor memory, numbness and tingling of limbs, normal color or red tongue and string-taut pulse?
    Liver Wind due to Liver Yang Rising
  40. Which pattern has small tremors or facial ics, involuntary shaking of head, pale face, blurred vison or floaters, dry eyes, dizziness, pale thin tongue and string-taut pulse?
    Liver Wind due to Deficiency Liver Blood
  41. Which pattern has soreness and weakness of lumbar and knees, poor memory, dizziness, tinnitus (low pitch), infertility, low libido, loose teeth, premature gray hair, pale tongue and superficial thready or weak pulse?
    Kidney Essence deficiency
  42. Which pattern has soreness and weakness of lumbar and knees, ache in bones, dizziness, night sweating, tinnitus, poor hearing, red and scanty tongue and thready-rapid pulse?
    Kidney Yin deficiency
  43. Which pattern has soreness and weakness of knees and lumbar, cold limbs or sensation of cold in lower back, dislike of cold, tiredness, premature ejaculation, low libido, pitting edema of legs, abundant clear urination, pale/swollen tongue and deep weak pulse?
    Kidney Yang deficiency
  44. Which pattern has soreness and weakness of lumbar and knees, abundant and frequent clear urination, dribbling after urination, incontinence, frequent urination at night, nocturnal emissions, tiredness, premature ejaculation, prolapsed uterus, miscarriage, pale tongue and deep weak pulse?
    • Kidney Qi Not Firm (Kidney Qi deficiency)
    • [Leaking!]
  45. Which pattern has soreness and weakness of lumbar and knees, shortness of breath on exertion, difficulty inhaling, rapid/weak breathing, chronic cough, pale complexion, dizziness, spontaneous sweating, relunctance to speak, pale tongue and weak deep pulse?
    • Kidney Failing to Receive Qi
    • (Deficiency of Lung and Kidney Qi)
  46. Which pattern has soreness of lower back, aching in bones, malar flush, mental restlessness, insmomnia, possiboe blood in urine, nocturnal emissions with sexual dreams, excessive sexual desire, poor memory, scanty dark urine, dizziness, red tongue with red tip and thready-rapid pulse?
    Kidney Yin deficiency with Empty Fire Blazing
  47. Which pattern has pitting edema (esp legs and ankles), fullness and distention of abdmen, soreness of low back, cold feeling in legs and back, scanty clear urination, pale swollen tongue and deep-weak-slow pulse?
    • Kidney Yang deficiency, Warer Overflowing
    • 1. Water overflowing to the Heart --> palpitations, shortness of breath
    • 2. Water overflowing to the Lungs --> cough w/warery frothy sputum, wheezing
  48. Which pattern has unconfortable feeling in epigastrium, better after eating, quiet belchng on empty stomach, no appetite, loss of taste sensation, loose stools, pale tongue and deficient pulse?
    Stomach Qi deficiency
  49. Which pattern has epigastric discomfort or slight P! (better w/eating or warmth), no appetite, no thirst, prefers warm drinks, cold weak limbs, pale complexion, pale tongue and deep weak pulse?
    Stomach Deficient and Cold
  50. Which pattern has dull, mildly burning epigastric P!, no appetite or slight hunger w/no desire to eat, fullness after eating, hiccups, constipatino, dryness of mouth, thirst but only small sips, red & dry tongue and thready pulse?
    Stomach Yin deficiency
  51. Which pattern has epigastric pain & distention, belching, nausea/vomiting, hiccups, irritability, normal tongue and string-taut pulse?
    Stomach Qi stagnation
  52. Which pattern has burning epigastric P!, strong desire to drink cold liquids, mental restlessness, voracious appetite, bleeding gums, mouth ulcers, foul breath, sour regurgitation, AND mucus in stools, chest oppression with red tongue with yellow coating and rapid pulse?
    Stomach Fire or Phlegm-Fire
  53. Which pattern has sudden severe P! in epigastrium, feeling cold, preference of warmth, nausea, vomiting of clear fluids, thick white coating and deep-slow pulse?
    Cold Invading the Stomach
  54. Which pattern has epigastric fullness and P!, heaviness of the head and body, facial P!, blocked nose or sticky nasal discharge, thirst w/no desire to drink, heat sensation, dull yellow complexion, nausea or vomiting, red with sticky yellow coating and rolling rapid pulse?
    Damp-Heat in the Stomach
  55. Which pattern has epigastric distention, fullness and P! worse with pressure and eating, poor appetite, sour regurgitation, foul breath, belching, nausea and vomiting, insomnia, loose stools or constipation, thick and sticky tongue coating and rolling-excess pulse?
    Retention of Food in the Stomach
  56. Which pattern has severe stabbing epigastric P!, worse with pressure, P! after eating, P! worse at night, nausea and vomiting (possibly with dark blood or "coffee grounds" appearance), possibly dark blood in the stools, dark face, purple tongue and hesitant pulse?
    Stasis of Blood in the Stomach
  57. Which pattern has epigastric fullness (gradual onset) and dull P!, P! is worse on exposure to cold and better with warmth, chronic nausea, vomiting after eating, white slippery tongue and slow pulse?
    Retention of Fluids in Stomach due to Cold
  58. Which pattern has abd P!, urgent defecation, diarrhea w/yellow watery stools, muscus and blood in stools, tenesmus (straining w/o complete defecation), burning in anus, scanty dark urine, thirst w/o desire to drink, heavy feeling in body and limbs, red tongue and sticky yellow coating and rolling-rapid pulse?
    Damp-Heat in the Large Intestine
  59. Which pattern has constipation with dry stools, burning sensation in mouth, dry tongue, burning and swelling anus, scanty dark urine, thick yellow dry coating and full and rapid pulse?
    Heat in the Large Intestine
  60. Which pattern has high fever or tidial fever (BIG), profuse sweating (BIG), thirst (BIG), constipation, abd distention & P!, vomiting,delirium, red tongue and thick dry yellow coating and deep-full pulse (BIG)?
    Heat Obstructing the Large Intestine (Yang Mind organ pattern)
  61. Which pattern has severe right lower quadrant P!, lying in huddled position, constipation or mild diarrhea, no appetite, possible fever/nausea/vomiting, red and thick yellow greasy coating and rapid-string-taut pulse?
    Intestinal Abscess (Da Chang Yong)
  62. Which pattern has sudden abd P!, diarrhea w/P!, feeling of cold, thick white coating and deep-tense pulse?
    Cold Invading the Large Intestine
  63. Which pattern has abd distention and P!, constipation with bitty stools, irritability, normal tongue and string-taut pulse?
    Qi Stagnation in the Large Intestine
  64. Which pattern has constipation, dry stools which are difficult to discharge, dry mouth, thin body and dizziness, thready pulse and pale or red, dry tongue?
    Large Intestine Dryness
  65. Which pattern has loose stools like duck droppings, dull abd P!, borborygmi, pale urine, cold limbs, pale tongue and deep-weak pulse?
    Large Intestine Cold
  66. Which pattern has mental restlessness, irritability, insomnia, red face, sore throat, mouth ulcers, possible deafness, fullness/discomfort in lower abd, scanty dark urination, burning P! on urination, blood in the urine, red tongue w/redder tip and rapid-surging pulse?
    Full-Heat in the Small Intestine
  67. Which pattern has lower abd twisting P!, abd distention, dislikes pressure on abd, borborygmia, flatulence, abd P! relieved by emission of wind, P! radiating to the testes, white tongue coating and deep-string-taut pulse?
    Small Intestine Qi Pain
  68. Which pattern has sudden violent abd P!, dislikes pressure, abd distention, constipation, vomiting, borborygmus, flatulence, thick white coating and deep, string-taut pulse?
    Small Intestine Qi Tied
  69. Which pattern has abd P! and distension, bad taste in mouth, sallow complexion?
    • Indestation of Worms in the Small Intestine
    • Roundworms --> abd P!, vomiting roundworms, restlessness, disturbed sleep, cold limbs
    • Hookworms --> diarrhea, intestinal cramps, pica (eating weird stuff like dirt), anemia
    • Pinworms --> anal itching, worse at night
    • Tapeworms --> constant hunger, abd discomfort, diarrhea or constipation
  70. Which pattern has dull abd P! alleviate by pressure, desire for hot drinks, borborygmi, diarrhea, pale & abundant urine, cold limbs, pale tongue and white coating, deep-weak pulse?
    Small Intestine Deficient and Cold (yang deficiency)
  71. Which pattern has hypochondriac P! and distension, nausea or vomiting, inability to digest fats, jaundice, scanty + dark yellow urine, thirst w/o desire to drink, sensation of bodily heaviness, thick sticky yellow coatinf and rolling-string-taut pulse?
    • Damp-Heat in the Gallbaldder
    • (+ genital itching and vaginal discharge = D-H in LV and GB)
  72. Which pattern has dizziness, blurred vision or floaters, dry throat, nervous and easily startled, timidity, sighing, indecisive, restless dreams, waking up early in the morning, sweating easily and lack of strength, pale or normal tongue color and weak or thready pulse?
    Gall bladder deficiency (AKA HT and GB deficiency)
  73. Which pattern has frequent and urgent urination, burning P! in the urethra, dribbling urination, dark yellow and/or turbid urine, blood in the urine, sand in the urine, fever, thirst w/o desire to drink, possibly low back pain, red/thick/sticky yellow tongue coat and rapid/rolling pulse?
    Damp-Heat in the Bladder 
  74. Which pattern has frequent and urgent urination, difficult urination, feeling of heaviness in hypogastrium (lower abd) or urethra, pale and turbid urine, white/sticky coating on root of tongue and rolling-slow pulse?
    Damp-Cold in the Bladder
  75. Which pattern has frequent, pale and abundant urination, incontinence, enuresis and nocturia, soreness and aching of low back, dizziness, bright white complexion, cold limbs, pale/wet tongue and weak-deep pulse?
    Bladder Deficiency and Cold
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