1. Which of the following reasons did the Lord give for moving to Ohio?
    • To be given the law
    • To escape their enemies
    • To be endowed with power
  2. In section 37 Joseph was instructed to stop translating. What was he translating at the time?
    The Bible
  3. Which ancient prophet does the Lord bring up in section 38 to encourage the saints in their move to the Ohio?
  4. Which of the following laws is NOT covered in the section known as "the Law"?
    Law of Tithing
  5. In "the Law" the brethren were commanded to love what with all their hearts?
    Their wives
  6. According to "the Law", who may be "cast out"?
    • He that stealeth and will not repent
    • He that lieth and will not repent
    • He that committeth adultery and repents not
  7. To which New Testament character did the Lord compare Edward Partridge?
  8. n our reading, Oliver Cowdery was appointed to carry the revelations and commandments along with money to Missouri. Who was assigned to go with him?
    John Whitmer
  9. Which of the following is/are part of the instructions given to Edward Partridge concerning how he was to appoint portions to the saints?
    • every man equal
    • according to his wants
    • according to his needs
    • according to his family
    • according to his circumstances
  10. As a protection against deception, the Lord referred to a person coming in at "the gate" in section 43. This refers to:
    Becoming a Church officer through formal calling, sustaining, and ordination
  11. After describing the the last days including the times of the gentiles and other signs the Lord calms the saints by suggesting that as his disciples they shall_______________.
    stand in holy places and not be moved
  12. According to the Historical Background section 45 was given in order to do what?
    Give comfort, peace and assurance to the saints during times of trouble
  13. Section 43 was given as a result of what?
    Mrs. Hubble was giving commandments and laws while professing to believe in the Book of Mormon
  14. In addition to discussing the spiritual gifts, what other major doctrine or idea did the Lord discuss in the same section?
    Excluding people from meetings
  15. The Lord instructs which spiritual gift to be given to the Bishop?
    Ability to Discern
  16. Which of the following is NOT one of the principles outlined in D&C 50 for determining teaching and preaching from God?
    Teacher and student come to agreement
  17. Which of the following was NOT a doctrine of the Shakers?
    Christ's Second Coming would be soon at hand
  18. Of those who were guilty of breaking their covenants pertaining to the Law of Consecration in section 54, the Savior said:
    Better for them to have been drowned in the depths of the sea
  19. In the section to William W. Phelps the Lord tells him that he will be ordained to assist Oliver Cowdery in doing what?
    Printing, writing and selecting books
  20. Which of the following questions did Joseph ask the Lord upon arriving in Zion (section 57)?
    • When will Zion be built up in her glory?
    • Where will the Temple stand?
    • When will the wilderness blossom as the rose?
  21. In the section outlining the "commandments especially applicable to the saints in Zion" (section heading), which commandment was expanded in greater length and detail than all others in the section?
    Thou shalt keep the Sabbath day holy
  22. Secton 58 teaches us that the way we may know if a man has repented of his sins is if he does what?
    Has confessed them and forsaken them
  23. What is the historical background for D&C 61?
    Travelling home from Missouri, the elders experienced many of the dangers on the water
  24. Who saw the destroyer riding upon the face of the waters?
    W. W. Phelps
  25. In the reading the Lord chastened the elders for hiding their talent. In this context what talent were they hiding?
    Their gift to teach the gospel
  26. From the section we read on forgiveness and repentance, the Lord emphasized that
    If we do not forgive, there remaineth in us a greater sin
  27. According to the D&C, the Kingdom of God is another name for the Kingdom of Heaven.
  28. What is the historical background to Section 65?
    The Prophet designated this revelation as a prayer
  29. Who tried (and failed) to write a revelation like unto "the least" of the Lord's?
    William E. McLellin
  30. What promise(s) does God make to the Church relative to anti-Mormon opposition?
    • No weapon formed against it shall prosper
    • Their enemies' shame shall be made manifest
    • Their opponents shall be confounded in God's own due time
  31. What Bible reference did the Lord interpret for Joseph Smith in D&C 74?
    Marriage and children- 1 Corinthians 7:14
  32. The vision recorded in Section 76 was revealed to Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon while they were translating which book of scripture?
    The Gospel of John
  33. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of those seen in the terrestrial kingdom in vision?
    Valiant in the testimony of Jesus
  34. While Joseph Smith is described as sitting firmly and calmly during the vision, Sidney Rigdon was described as:
    Sitting limp and pale
  35. Who is it that Joseph and Sidney see and bear record of in Section 76?
  36. In describing those who will come forth in the resurrection of the just, it is recorded that those present will be individuals who:
    • Are baptized
    • Keep the commandments
    • Receive the Holy Spirit by the laying on of hands
    • Overcome by faith
    • Are sealed by the Holy Spirit of promise
  37. Who will come forth in what we refer to as the first resurrection?
    The just
  38. From all of our reading of Section 76 the reality of the atonement of Christ is that he came to do what?
    Save all the works of God's hands, except the son's of perdition
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