Speech disorders

  1. What cause most types of aphasia?
    Stroke or cerebrovascular accidents
  2. A disturbance in the comprehension or production of speech.
  3. Aphasia may be caused by...
    brain damage
  4. Damage to the left inferior frontal lobe that disrupts the ability to speak
    Broca's aphasia
  5. A person with Broca's aphasia has difficulty with what?
    Function words (a, the, in, some, about)
  6. Three characteristics of Broca's aphasia?
    Agrammatism, anomia, pronunciation
  7. Difficulty in using grammar rules and comprehending word order.
  8. Difficulty in finding appropriate words to describe objects, actions, or attributes. Sometimes subjects may know what to do with an object, but still not be able to give the name of an object.
  9. Impairment in the ability to program movements of the tongue, lips, and throat that are required to produce the proper sequence of speech sounds.
    Apraxia of speech
  10. This features poor comprehension and production of meaningless speech.
    Wernicke's aphasia
  11. What are three characteristics of Wernicke's aphasia?
    Disruption of the recognition of spoken words, disruption in the comprehension of the meaning of words, and anomic aphasia.
  12. Fluent, grammatically correct, god comprehension, but have great difficulty finding appropriate words.
    Anomic aphasia
  13. Finding alternative ways to say something when unable to think of the word you are looking for.
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