Panama Canal

  1. What is the purpose of the Panama Canal?
    It is a way for ships to get to the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean by ship without going around the tip of south america.
  2. When was the Canal built?
    It was started in 1881.
  3. Who gave rights to build?
    A french company.
  4. What made the canal hard to build?
    The workers struggled with mudslides, a mountain range blocked the way, and various diseases (that killed 25,000 workers) . The French Company went bankrupt and they could no longer work on the Canal.
  5. Who helped tried to help the canal? How?
    The US of A. They helped Panama revolt against Columbia. 2 weeks later, US of A got the building rights and panama started up again.
  6. Who has control of the canal?
    The U. S. They also have control of the Canal Zone.
  7. Does the U. S. still have control over the Canal?
    No, Jimmy Carter signed a contract that gave the Panama Canal back to Panama in 1999.
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