OTS Apps

  1. Hand Cut Fries EDGV
    Belgian Style fries, homemade aioli, and catsup
  2. Sweet Potato Fries EDGV
    Handcut sweet potato fries, avacado crema
  3. Housemade Caramel & Cheese Popcorn VGE
    A small bag of Nichols Farm popcorn seasoned witg caramel and white cheddar powder
  4. Whole Wheat Flatbread VE
    Sweet Potato Puree, toasted almonds, pecorino romano, arugula, lemon juice, evoo
  5. Chips and Dips VE
    • French Onion Buratta Dip G,E-carmelized onions & fresh burratta mozzarella. 
    • Smoked eggplant dip, roasted eggplant tahini, evoo & lemon juice
    • Guacamole GDE-fresh avocados, lime juice &salt.  Housemade ritz crackers & fried corn tortilla chips.
  6. Waffles & Sausage
    Cornmeal bacon waffle, smoked polish style sausage & vermont maple syrup
  7. Stuffed Shishito Peppers
    Shishito peppers-stuffed with housemade chicken chorize, monterey jack cheese- breaded & deep fried.  Served with herb aioli.
  8. Housemade Mini Hot Dogs
    • Chicago style- cc, tomato, dill pickle, relish, sport pepper
    • Coney- (detroit) chili meat-sauce, yellow mustard, onions
    • Corn-cornmeal battered and deep fried GEfree without bun
  9. Deviled Eggs G
    • 6 poack of deviled eggs
    • Traditional-aioli, yellow mustard, salt, pepper & sugar
    • Curry-add curry house powder & sesame seeds
    • Spicy- add house chili paste & raw fresno chili
  10. Steamed Mussels GDE
    • Michelada with Krombacher Pils with chopped tomatoes, fresno chilis, clam juice
    • Curry coconut milk, house madras style curry powder & housemade yogurt.
    • Both served with grilled bread, fresh lime &cilantro
  11. Warm Pretzel Bites E
    Housemade Bavarian Pretzels served wtih mornay sauce (see mac & cheese) & housemade beer mustard
  12. Smoked Trout Brandade GE
    A whipped spread, made with house-smoked local trout, yukon gold potatoes, garlic, lemon zest, and evoo.  Served warm with grilled bread.
  13. Mac 'N Cheese VE
    Clanched Cavatappi Noodles, tossed with mornay sauce-traditional style made with stilton bleu cheese, sharp chedder and gruyere.  baked and topped with toasted bread crumbs.
  14. Spicy Duck Wings GDE
    Confit duck wings, deep fried and tossed in "wing sauce"-our housemade harissa chili paste & butter.  Served with a side of cucumber-mint raita;  a traditionally Indian yogurt sauce
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