Boris Zvorykin "Firebird"

  1. What was the father Tsar of the story named?
    Tsar Demian
  2. Tsar Demian was proud of what
    his magnificant garden with exotic flowers and fruits. (GOLDEN APPLES SWERVE)
  3. What are the names of Tsar Demian's three sons
    Pyotr, Vasily, and Ivan
  4. Who was stealing golden apples from Tsar Demian's garden
    An giant bird which had glowing gold feathers (firebird)
  5. What were the three paths Ivan had the choice to go down?
    • Strait: Will be hungry and freeze
    • Right: Will be well, but horse will die
    • Left: Will die, but horse will live
  6. Which kingdom was in posession of the firebird?
    Tsar Afron
  7. What was Ivan unable to resist when stealing the firebird
    The golden cage
  8. After being captured by Tsar Afron's dudes, he was forgiven and let free only if he brought back........
    The horse with the golden mane
  9. Which kingdom was in posession of the horse with the golden mane
    Tsar Kusman
  10. What was Ivan again unable to resist when stealing the horse with the golden mane
    His golden bridle
  11. Tsar Kusman forgave Ivan under the terms he brought back a.......
    Beautiful princess
  12. Who's kingdom was in posession of the beautiful princess
    Tsar Dalmat
  13. How did the wolf help Ivan within the story leading to his death
    He transformed into the objects each Tsar required of Ivan so Ivan could keep the real ones.
  14. What happened to Ivan after the wolf left him?
    His brothers killed him in sleep and stoled the objects and his women
  15. How does the firebird story close
    Ivan is revived by the wolf and they go together to tell Ivan's father of his brother's actions
  16. What other folk tale was woven with the firebird
    Story of the evil Kashchi the Immortal
  17. Who premiered the firebird in Russe Ballet? Who compoesd it? Who coreographed it? WHo designed the costumes and stage design?
    Sergei Diaghilev, Igor Stravinsky, Michael Fokine, Aleksandr Golovin and Leon Baskt
  18. Who danced the firebuuuurd
    Tamara Karsavina
  19. Whho did our illustration of the firebird
  20. Where did Zvorykin study?
    Moscow Academy of Painting
  21. Zvorykin alos produced which pieces
    Alexander Pushkin's Boris Godunov, and the Golden Cockrel, and a set of fairytales including The Firebuuuuuuurd, Maria Morevna, The Snow Maiden and Vasilisa the Fair
  22. What two luxury books did Zvorykin make
    History of the House of the Romanov and illustrated the story of Theodorovsky Cathedral
  23. Where did Zvorykin move after the 1917 revolution
  24. How many ilustrations is our firebird a part of
  25. What is distinct about the attire of the people in Zvorykin's piece
    They wear pre-Peter the Great clothing
  26. What is Ivan depicted as wearing
    short sleeved kaftan
  27. What is the African Page wearing
    eastern turban
  28. What is different about Zvorykin's showing of St. Basils
    It is symmetrical
  29. What style is shown in Zvorykin's illustration
    Art Nouveau style: Emphasis on black outlining, instense jewel colors,
  30. What did the slavic revival movement show
    Ancient pre-imperial roots which stood for true, pure Russia
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