English Final

  1. exploit
    to take advantage of; to miuse or abuse
  2. assurance
    comfort; guarantee; pledge
  3. zeal
    zest; enthusiam; passion
  4. serenity
    peace; quietude;tranquility
  5. audible
    detectable by ear; perceptible
  6. aspirations
    goals; objectives; ambitions
  7. diabolic
    devilsh; extremely cruel or evil
  8. pretentious
    snobby; exggerated; ostentatious
  9. excruciating
    extremely painful; unbearable
  10. summon
    to call forth; to beckon
  11. placate
    to mollify; to calm down ; to appease
  12. profuse
    plentiful; coupious
  13. treacherous
    dangerous; unfaithful; deceitful
  14. ambrosia
    nectar; a substance that tastes or smells delicious
  15. pariah
    exile; outsider; loner
  16. affluent
    wealthy; prosperous
  17. exemplary
    outstanding; model; consummate
  18. ludicrous
    ridiculous; abusurd but amusing
  19. incessant
    unending; annoyingly persistent; unrelenting
  20. inequity
    unfairness; injustice; imbalance
  21. morose
    gloomy; miserable; depressed
  22. abate
    to lessen; to reduce in intensity;l to subside
  23. synaesthesia
    the confounding of the senses; a state of doubt; a predicament
  24. vocation
    job; occupation; career
  25. vex
    to annoy; to irritate
  26. admonish
    to scold; to reprove gentley
  27. insolent
    rude in speech; impudent; audacious
  28. ominous
    threating; dangerous
  29. detest
    to hate; to intensely dislike
  30. impudent
    rude; indifferent of othersk insolent; disrespect
  31. anachronism
    an occasion or item that's out of its time context; a holdover
  32. disenchanted
    freed from illusion; disappointed
  33. heinous
    terrible; extremelt wicked; horrid
  34. tedious
    boring; monotonous; tiresome because of length and jullness
  35. obsession
    irrational focus on something; fascination; fixation
  36. rancor
    hatred; resentment
  37. thwarted
    opposed; negated; foiled
  38. calamitous
    miserable; misfortunate; disastrous
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