Psycho final

  1. What P.Dis. = unwanted suspicion and mistrust for most people
    Paranoid PD
  2. What P. D has a lack of interest in others and socail realtionships
    Schiziod PD
  3. What is another term for self mutilation
  4. what disorder has a problem adusting to a stressor in the enviorment
    adjustment disorder
  5. What disorder has problems with impulse control and agression
    intermitten exposure
  6. what impulse disorder has FIRES
  7. Pull out hair?
  8. APD most common amoung?
    men undr 40
  9. What is once thought to be the caquse of schizophrenia, and restrics all sensory inputs
    Sensory deprivation
  10. Schizophrenia: ryming of words
  11. inapportiate associations of thoughts (schizoph)
    Associative intrusions
  12. intrusions that lead on by first most common meaning of word
  13. irrelevant thoughts
    thought content intrusion
  14. sets of words that are frequently used together
    Habit strength intrusions
  15. Bug dug snug
  16. High levels of this neurotransmiter is associated with parkinsons and schizophrenia,
  17. disorder with schizophrenic like symptoms that result from high levels of amphetamines
    Amphetamine psychosis
  18. At low levels this leads ot depression, and can block the action of dopamine
  19. What drug is used to treat parkinsons but can bring on symptons of schizophrendia because it increases dopamine
  20. Low or Hight levels of activiy in this part of the brain can lead to symptoms of schizophrenia.  This is also where an integration of thought and feelings take place. 
    Prefrontal Cortex
  21. Layers of neuron covering the temporal lobes, high activity here leads ot hullucinations
    Temporal cortex
  22. What is the loss of/ deterioration of neurons in the brain? commonly seen in people with schizophrenia
  23. Neurodevelopmental theory of schizophrenia
    under development of the brain
  24. What is is when a right handed person's right side of brain is bigger than left?
    reversed hemispherica dominance
  25. death of neurons in the cortex is
    Cortical atrophy
  26. Canals in the brain that carry 'waste material'
  27. crucial for storing memories?
  28. Early explanination of schizophrenia
    Bad parenting
  29. Brain structure resposible for arousal and assertivness
  30. Cognitive explaniation of schizophrenia
    miinterpreted sensory experiences
  31. Psychological Explanination of schizophrenia
    role of neuro transmitters brain structures and early development
  32. Antipsychotic drugs...
    increase levels of brain neuortransmitters to decrease SX
  33. Low levels of this are related to pos and neg SX of schizophrenia
  34. perceptual expriecences with no baisis in reality
  35. beliefs wiht not baisis in reality
  36. incorrecly belive others are spying on them
    Delusions of Persecution
  37. dillusions which incorrecly believe that objects have meaning or particular significance
    D. of Reference
  38. early deterioration of cognitive abilities once used for schizophrenia
    Dementia Praecox
  39. impariment intellecutally due to dusturbances in thoughts
    schizophrenic deficit
  40. two terms for 'overstimuation' in schizophrenia
    Cognitive flooding, stimulus overload
  41. Phases of schizophrenia:
    prodormal, active, residual, burn out
  42. what is undierentiated schizophrenic
    catch all for schizophencics diagonosis
  43. what is Catatonic
    retarted movemoent
  44. what is one tylpe of + SX consisint of dillusions and halluciantion
  45. Who invented term Schizophrenia
  46. What if someone is only showing one SX of schizophrenia
    Breif psychocotic disorder
  47. What is Retts Disorder
    develop fine, then degression occurs around 3/4 yrs
  48. repeating back words
  49. Once extrodonatiry thing ab them
    savant syndrom
  50. involuntary utterin of obscientites
  51. Bell and Pad
    effective treatment for euresis
  52. child fails to consistenly use speach correctly for age
    phonological disoders
  53. what neurotransmitter is effected by alcohol?
  54. What is is when someone copes with demands of situation
    apprasial processes
  55. Three stages of process of General Adaptation syndrom
    Alarm, resistance, exhaustion.
  56. Autonomic nervous syndrom
    • Sympatheitic ( FIGHT OR FLIGHT)
    • Parasympatheic (deactivates sympatheic)
  57. WHat is the somatic nervous system?
    Senosry and voluntary moror functions,
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