Dosage Calc

  1. Rates for IV fluids are usually expressed in _______ when an infusion device is not used.
  2. Rates for IV fluids are expressed in ______ when an infusion device is used.
  3. If the nurse calculates a flow rate for an IV pump that is a fraction or decimal what is it necessary to do before programming the rate into the pump
    round to the nearest whole number
  4. When an infusion pump is not used for IV fluids the drop size is determined by_____.
    the size of the tubing
  5. What is the first step in determining IV flow rate when no infusion pump is used?
    identifying the type of tubing and its calibration
  6. What is drop factor?
    the calibration of IV tubing in gtt/mL
  7. How does the nurse determine the frop factor?
    it is on the IV tubing box
  8. Macrodrop tubing gtt/mL?
    10, 15, or 20 gtt/mL
  9. Microdrop gtt/min?
  10. 60 gtt/mL = _____mL/h
    60 mL/h
  11. ________is the first step in accurate admin of IV fluids
    knowing the drop factor
  12. 3 things nurse needs to know to calculate the flow rate at which an IV is to infuse
    • 1. volume or number of mL to infuse
    • 2. drop factor of the IV tubing
    • 3. time element (min or h)
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